How To Get Quality Backlinks

How to get quality backlinks is actually not difficult for those who really understand the real Off Page SEO context. Those who really are not only concerned with the number of backlinks, without paying attention to what actually and should need attention. What does that mean ? Yes, this time I want to try to share a little about tips on getting quality backlinks for Off Page SEO.

Talking about SEO, it is very different from previous years. Moreover, in the future, many predictions will be tighter and more difficult for us to get to the top of the first page of google search engine. However, at least we can still try to achieve it.

Well, on the previous occasion, we discussed how Off Page SEO and some types of backlinks that we can try to support our website or blog so that it ranks well in search. This can not be separated from how we can build a good backlink. That is natural, relevant, and also quality.

Getting quality backlinks is not as easy as we think. Even though there are many out there who have hundreds or thousands of backlink assets of their own. Still this is not something that is easy to do, even for a beginner class, it’s almost impossible to be able to imitate them quickly.

Then, how do we get quality backlinks without spending a lot of money? Maybe, this little scribble can provide enlightenment or at least a reference for us to try together.

Tips for Getting Quality Backlinks

how to get quality backlinks

1. Make Your Content Most Unique

Maybe you’re a little surprised by this first tip, we’re talking backlinks, then why are you going back to content? Yes, the logic is like this. There are lots of people out there who are looking for article sources for their writing. Many are dissatisfied with writing that is careless and does not provide useful things for them.

We ourselves sometimes grumble when we don’t find the writing that we really need to solve our problems. Isn’t that right? But when we get what we want, and help us in solving problems, we will be happy to share it with others so they can benefit too.

Yes, that’s why we can get quality backlinks by creating unique content in the most different sense, the most useful, the most complete, the most useful and appropriate to what they need.

2. Cooperation with Other Blog / Website Owners

For this one, of course, you are already familiar, often referred to as guest posting. Whatever it is, this is what most well-known business website owners in Indonesia do. Try it, how many of you have collaborated with websites like trafeloka? or other. I think quite a lot and not too little.

However, for this second tip sometimes and even usually costs money. Because of this cooperation there is compensation in the form of money which is requested so that we can post it on their website. The amount varies, depending on the quality of the website or the amount of traffic per day or per month.

Yes, but this is one technique that we can do to get quality backlinks. We can start by looking for blogs that are starting to grow and we can predict the future. It doesn’t have to be a lot, the important thing is that if we can do it regularly, of course it’s very good for the future of our website.

3. Wikipedia Backlinks

Is it possible that we can get backlinks from such a famous website? Very possible! How to do it ? It’s a little difficult in my opinion, because this website has a lot of content and is very diverse. But if you can find the gap, then you can get it.

OK, it’s like this. You create a wikipedia account, then you look for articles that match the posts on your website. Look from wikipedia things – things that are still not discussed there. Then make a post on your website / blog. After being indexed by search engines, try adding a few paragraphs on wikipedia by editing and adding text.

If you are lucky, after reviewing wikipedia for a while, it could be that your writing is posted and there you can put a link to the source website which is none other than your website.

4. Browse the Forum Website and Q&A

We have said upfront, it is not easy to actually get quality and natural backlinks as desired by search engines (Google Algorithm). But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. We can combine logic and also the information we get from various sources.

Well, the next way is to explore the question and answer forum website and also social media. Of course that is still related to the niche of your website. The goal is to find out, what I am that many people ask there, it can be our material to make articles that are unique and needed by many people.

From there we can easily get quality backlinks, because the content we create is appropriate and relevant to the problems of many people. Of course, create content that can actually solve their problems.

5. Build Website Branding and Links

Then, the next one is Branding. It turns out that branding a website is quite important. Not only in the business world, but to improve the quality of our website’s Off Page SEO, we can also use website branding techniques. The question is, how?

The simplest and easiest way is to build a community on social media. Take advantage of social media to inflate the name of our website so that it is known to many people. In addition to social media, YouTube is also one of the best ways to increase website branding and can also lead to our website.

So, whatever we do to support our website from the outside (SEO Off Page) if it is done naturally that is called a quality backlink. So, hopefully useful!