How to Optimize Website SEO with Tags

One way to optimize website SEO is by using tags. People already know a lot about tags .

The tags function itself to optimize website SEO make website content more organized.

Tags are made in the form of words, but to optimize website SEO , the keywords used for tags must be chosen carefully.

Tags must describe the topic of discussion of the content that you create to be relevant to the content of the content, then the search engines can detect it.

Using tags to optimize your website ‘s SEO makes it easier for search engines and users to find information on your pages .

Entering tags is also very easy, the website platform itself already provides automatic tools to build SEO.

These tags can be included in image tags, title tags , and meta descriptions , making it easy to optimize your website easily.

How Does the Tags System Work for Optimizing SEO?

Tags are defined as attributes connected to a group of content that has the same discussion in it.

Tags are used to describe content, just as hashtags provide an overview of images or text.

Tags can improve the user’s experience (UX) because it makes it easier for users to find content, see the topic at a glance.

By grouping multiple content under one tag category , people can focus on the content groups that are most relevant to their search.

Types of SEO Optimization Tags

There are several types of tags, judging from their use.

1. HTML Tags

In website development , for example HTML tags.

HTML tags refer to keywords that provide instructions on how web browsers format and display content.

In SEO, HTML title tags and image tags describe website elements to search engines. This is very important because search engines don’t see content like humans do.

Search engines are designed to look at text and find content relevance based on how the page is structured and the tags it uses.

2. Image Tags

Image and video files are two examples of content that are not detected by search engines.

Therefore, the image tag works here. Image tags are useful for describing the content of the image.

In addition, the image tag also tells search engines about a picture of your page’s presence on the internet.

Alternative text is highly recommended to be added to images in your content, especially in blog posts .

Alternative text can be very influential for optimizing a website on the search system. Content visibility could rank higher.

When filling out image tags , it’s important to fill them with more descriptive phrases than just keywords.

Image tags are also useful for visually impaired users who rely on assistive technologies such as screen readers.

A System That Makes Tags Work

Start at the starting point to plan a strategy, then stick to that strategy. Find ways to organize your content.

This method is sure to be able to give your readers a good user experience , as well as easier navigation when browsing your website .

Here’s how to maximize the performance of tags for SEO:

1. Be Specific

Be specific! Reaching more broadly might work for categories, but tagging systems are better at reaching out specifically.

When you create a new tag , make sure it has appropriate content.

2. Think about the Right SEO Optimizing Angle

Are readers looking for acronyms or spelled sentences? singular or plural construction?

Use a keyword planning tool and check the SERPs to find this out.

3. Keep it Simple

Do not provide tags that give to one content. Just give two or three tags in one post.

Use the Tagging System for SEO

The main use of tagging is optimizing website SEO, increasing visibility on search engines.

Keep in mind, if tagging is not just for SEO, more than that, here are some of the benefits of the tagging system:

1. Search Engine Visibility

Tagging can make it easier for search engines to detect content, because they are heavily referenced by search engines in text.

For example, Netflix uses tags to group movie genres. Netflix uses popular keywords.

As a result, Netflix has succeeded in increasing its visibility in the Google search engine, by using this tagging system .

2. Conversion

Not only depending on specific tags , Netflix also creates a special page to invite visitors to see other tags based on movie genres.

By creating this one page, Netflix can lead visitors to watch other films in other genres.

3. Personalized Feed

Tagging can be a feed based on user personalization. YouTube is a great example!

Technology is very sophisticated, so it can study internet users. Starting from the things we like, and what we look for on the internet.

Below are YouTube tags under the YouTube home search field, personalized based on the user’s browsing and video history.

4. Advertising

Tags can be useful for contextual advertising systems, showing ads related to the topic.

It can also help in the form of “hidden tags” so that the system will not show ads to users containing sensitive topics.

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5. Analytics

Tagging can also help to understand patterns in a data set . Take the example of tagging news articles.

Audience analysis tools like Chartbeat,, or Google News Consumer Insights can show you the articles that interest you the most.


Using tags for an SEO strategy to improve your website ‘s ranking can sometimes sound unimportant.

Even some people also think it is not so important. There are many other, more powerful factors to improve website SEO , right?

Tags are actually very useful for website SEO , they can even improve the user’s experience . Of course you don’t want visitors to have trouble finding content if there are no tags.

Tags will make your content more neat and organized. You won’t have to worry about analyzing your content anymore, make the most of the tagging system !

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