What is Plugin? Functions and Benefits

what is plugin

Do you know what is plugin? and do you know what are the functions and benefits? If you don’t know what a plugin is, its functions and benefits, let’s read this article to the end. New WordPress users will definitely be wondering about what a plugin is and what is the function of using a plugin for WordPress, to eliminate your curiosity, in this article I will explain in detail what a plugin is, how a plugin works and how to use a WordPress plugin. You will need a plugin if you are a self-hosted or self-hosted WordPress user, free … Read more

6 Best Adsense Plugins for WordPress

Best Adsense Plugins

In this article we will discuss about adsense plugins that may be very useful for those of you who have blogs or news websites. Soo what are you waiting for, let’s read this article to the end Webmasters and bloggers benefit a lot from AdSense by displaying targeted ads on their websites and blogs. So, how to start making money blogging with Google AdSense? Please register for Google AdSense now if your blog visitors have started a lot and if your site is accepted by AdSense, the next step is to optimize ads to work optimally by installing the best WordPress … Read more

6 Best WhatsApp Plugin for WordPress

6 Best WhatsApp Plugin for WordPress

In this article we will discuss about WordPress whatsapp plugin that might be very useful for you. Here is the article that we have compiled for you. Currently 83% of internet users use WhatsApp to communicate. So, why not add the WhatsApp WordPress feature on your website? This can be a way to make it easier for visitors to contact you, you know.  Imagine, no need to bother filling in email data, just one click, visitors can immediately greet you. The marketing process to online transactions could be easier to do, right?  Well, to add WhatsApp WordPress features is quite easy. All you have … Read more