What is VPS and Functions?


In this article, we will discuss what a VPS is and its relationship to hosting & domains, especially to run a website. Some users don’t know that in server hosting, the resources are still shared with other users. This certainly makes it difficult for users who want private server management . On the other hand, they are not aware of any VPS. Actually, what is a VPS and what does it do? What is VPS? A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a private server whose overall resources are only used by one user and are not influenced by other users. Users can fully manage all the configurations and … Read more

What is Virtualization?

What is virtualization

Today many have done virtualization in terms of allocating server hardware resources. What is virtualization? Virtualization is a software -based or virtual process, a representation of something, be it virtual applications, servers , storage space, and connections. Virtualization is one of the most effective ways to reduce IT costs while increasing efficiency for any kind of business. For example, imagine you have three physical servers with their respective uses. The first server is a mail server , the second is a web server , and the last is an internal application. Each server already has 30% capacity. However, since the application server is critical to operations, you must take care of its performance and the third server that hosts it. It is easy to run individual-based tasks on individual servers too, such as … Read more