How to Set Paper Size in Microsoft Word

Do you know how to change the paper size in Microsoft Word? If you don’t know, let’s look at the following article, we discuss it very fully, you know. If you’re curious about how, read the full article below

When we work with Ms Word, of course one thing we can’t forget is setting the paper size. This is so that the worksheets in the software will match the paper that will be used for printing. Therefore, it’s a good idea for those of you who work with this software to know how to adjust the paper size in microsoft word.

In addition to paper size, there are also other settings, namely writing margins. For the discussion on how to set margins in word, we have published on the last opportunity. Please read for those of you who don’t know how to easily adjust writing margins in MS Word.

Back to the topic of our discussion this time, namely how to set the paper size in microsoft word. It’s actually quite simple and easy. Because indeed all the menus are already available in front of your eyes. We just have to use it as needed. Okay, let’s get straight to the point, let’s start the tutorial now.

How to Set Paper Size in Microsoft Word A4

One of the most widely used paper sizes in offices is A4. Or the A4s that we often find on the market. Here are the steps to set the paper size in A4 size.

1. From the main menu where you type, click the Layout menu > Size

2. In the Ms Word software itself, by default there are various paper sizes that we can choose from. Including the A4 . SO, choose A4 size.

How to Change Paper Size in Microsoft Word to A5

To set or setting the paper size to A5, you can do like Steps to set A4 size paper. At the time this tutorial was made, it happened that the Office I was using was Office 365. And in this software, there are quite a lot of size options, including A5 .

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So, just choose directly. If you use Office 2020 or another series that happens to be not directly available in A5 size, you can custom sizes such as setting the paper size in F4.

How to Set Paper Size in Microsoft Word to F4

The first and second methods are of course very easy to do. Just select the default size that is already there. Then what if the paper size we want to set is not in the options in Paper Size in Microsoft Word. Just like when the paper we will use is F4.

This size is generally not found in Microsoft Word software. No need to worry, we can do a custom size so that the bag we use is suitable. The first step we need to know first what size F4 paper. You can see on the front cover of the paper wrapper.

The steps for customizing the paper size are as follows:

1. From the main page of the Microsoft Word worksheet, click Layout > Size > More Paper Size

Paper Size in Microsoft Word

2. Next, the page setup window will appear. Adjust the size of the F4 paper that you see on the front cover of the paper wrap. Width and Height settings . Then click OK

Paper Size in Microsoft Word

How to custom paper size according to the above, of course, has answered various similar questions such as how to set the paper size to A3, B5 , and others that are not available in Ms Word software.

How to Change Microsoft Word Paper Size From Inches to Cm

There is still one more discussion related to how to set the paper size in word. So, usually in Microsoft Word, the default size is Inch. Then when we are going to do Custom paper sizes, of course we feel a little difficult because the sizes listed generally use cm units. Therefore, here we need to change the units in Microsoft Word from Inch to Cm. The method is as follows.

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1. From the main Microsoft Word sheet, click File > Options

2. After the Word Options window appears, select Advanced > Display > Show measurement in units of:

3. Then select centimeters

Paper Size in Microsoft Word

So that’s a little tutorial on how to set the paper size in word or Microsoft Word. Starting from Office 365, Office 2010, to the latest series. More or less the same way. So, you can follow this guide, no matter what series of Office software you use. So, hopefully useful!

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