5 Types of Internet Advertising To Increase Sales

Do you know the types of internet advertising that are effective in increasing sales? If you don’t know, let’s see the discussion of the following article

Every businessman, of course, wants his business to be successful and earn big profits. Get a lot of orders and abundant income. Previously, I mentioned a powerful trick for selling online so that it sells well where one way you can do it is by doing promotions. This method is indeed one of the tricks to attract potential buyers to buy the goods we sell.

Promotion is not only done by word of mouth or spam here and there on social media. No, it’s not effective at all. Instead, it makes people uncomfortable with what you do. You have to use other methods that are more effective and don’t annoy people.

How to increase sales with Advertising?

That is by advertising … can be free or paid …

Advertising is a message about goods or services made by someone (usually a seller) delivered through media such as newspapers, print, electronic, or addressed to the public. As mentioned earlier, the real purpose of someone advertising is to carry out promotions in order to buy or use these goods or services.

Advertisements are usually in the form of short and clear sentences, interesting writing and pictures and easy-to-understand and interesting language. In this article, I will give some examples of the types of advertisements on the internet that can boost your sales so that they sell well. What are those ads? Here is the full list:

1. Self-Service Advertising

The first type of internet advertising that is very good is Self-service advertising, this type of advertising is still relatively new where the material and ad placement is done by yourself and can be customized. This type of advertisement is quite widely chosen by marketers because of its cheaper promotional rates and tends to be more targeted. Google Ads or previously called Google AdWords and Blog Ads are two examples of self-service advertising-based advertising services.

So why do ads like this tend to be cheaper? The answer is because the advertiser or advertiser only pays when someone clicks on the ad. If not, there is then no need to pay. Advertising in this way is considered to be able to save the management of the existing advertising budget.

2. Direct Advertising

Direct advertising consists of several types, namely text, images, and banners. However, advertisers usually prefer content ads such as articles that are posted directly on the blog or website in question. Not just any website will be trusted by advertisers. Usually only high-traffic websites and always getting consistent visitors every day are the main consideration.

Likewise with you, if you want to advertise in this way, it is mandatory and it is highly recommended to post articles containing product explanations and invitations to buy on websites that have high visitors. Logically, if there are more visitors, then your chances of getting many buyers are also much greater.

Direct advertising is indeed getting a lot of interest, especially if the product being promoted is in accordance with the theme of the website or blog. For example, if we promote basketball t-shirts on the web that talk about basketball, this can make the promotion more focused and many visitors will be interested.

3. Facebook Ads

Are you among the billions of people who use Mark Zuckerberg’s social networking service? If so, you are at a loss if you only use Facebook for stalking your crush or ex… Hihihi… Through Facebook, you can make online sales sell well. How to? What about doing promotions in facebook groups? It can indeed be done, but what I mean is not like that.

Then how?

By advertising on Facebook. Indeed, we need capital to promote on Facebook Ads. Ads that will be shown to users (your potential buyers) based on age, region, hobbies and so on. If you set the ad to only be shown to adults aged 30 years and over, living in Yogyakarta, and a hobby of cooking, then the ad will only be shown on rules that meet such specifications.

The key to successful advertising in this way is that you must be able to do your best in managing the selection of age, region, hobbies, and so on in order to estimate and increase sales of your product or service. Advertising on Facebook can also make sales more targeted. But unfortunately advertising payments on Facebook still don’t support via ATM, but only debit cards.

4. Twitter Advertising

Twitter advertising is an ad that is based on short keywords. Later this ad will be recommended to potential consumers who are looking for or reading content according to the keywords they choose. In essence, this type of ad offers you products to users based on keywords or keywords. For example like this, if consumers are looking for or reading references about jackets, then ads containing the keyword jacket will appear. Twitter and magpie are two examples of services that provide this type of advertising.

5. Self Ads

What is self-advertising? This type of ad allows you to advertise for free without the need to pay for regular promotions. If you have your own online store and are frequented by many of the newest visitors, there is nothing wrong with trying to do this one marketing method. You are free to post any type of ad, banner, image, text, or in the form of article content. Besides that, this method makes you more flexible because you don’t have to bother thinking about any policies from third parties.

Addition: There is something you need to do to increase sales is to advertise the type of Guest posting, by relying on the strength of other bloggers, your product will be better known and this can also increase the value of your brand. Guest Post is a type of advertisement by leaving articles containing reviews about your business or products on other popular blogs and this can also be of value for SEO optimization by adding quality backlinks that point to your business site to get a better ranking in Google search results. . You can get this for free or paid like Direct Ads which I have explained in point number two above.

But whatever it is, wherever you place an ad for the product being sold. One important knowledge to master. What’s that? Copywriting. This science teaches how someone can hypnotize potential buyers to want to buy goods or services that are sold through a short article, sometimes also a bit long. The better copywriting knowledge you have, the greater your chances of getting more customers.

In addition, don’t forget to always maintain the quality of the products you sell so that buyers are really sure to make you a regular customer. Thus a discussion of several types of advertising on the internet that can boost sales, hopefully useful and thank you.