5 Digital Marketing Strategy That will Be Trend!

The world’s economic development sector is all through Digital Marketing. 91.9% of the American market uses Digital Marketing as their marketing strategy, but only 63% believe in its power to build a company’s business with an optimal Digital Marketing strategy. 

While the rest, maybe around 40% expressed great concern about Digital Marketing strategies because of a Digital Marketing lack of discussion.

1. Email Marketing

Email Marketing aims to build a closer relation with the customer,  making email marketing work more effectively in building loyalty and trust from the customer.

By running a campaign by email marketing, 290 millions emails from the companies all over the world have been sent daily and keep increasing up to 347 millions emails by 2023.

There are 3 trends that contribute to the strategy of email marketing: personalization, automation, and privacy or taking an advantage from people’s data.

Email Personalization

Try to write a casual texting style to make the relationship between the company and the customer feel closer. Instead of writing “Dear Customer”, why can’t try  “Hello, Anggi. How are you?”

Personalizing an email from your email marketing strategy is all about wording and designing the visual as appealing as possible.

Avoid writing an email with [email protected] in your email because it detracts from the authenticity of an email marketing strategy. A direct letter will give the customer all the honor.

A digital marketer also makes sure that the email is mobile-friendly because we never know whether the customer is using a PC or smartphone when opening the inbox mail.

Get to Know The Customers via Data

So how do you send a personalized email to the customer freely? The answer starts with guiding the customer to apply a sign-up form when visiting our company’s website. 

Put a question asking for a name, location or where do they work, and an email address. The questions must be the most necessary questions.

Once connected, a Digital Marketer can send a holiday or birthday greetings. Sending special benefits for the lucky customer would be great too!

Campaign through Automation Email

Email marketing campaigns also can be run through the automation email, also known as trigger-based email. The goal is to sound like the company’s campaign. 

A trigger-based email strategy can be implemented if we already know about the customer’s character, because trigger-based email is only addressed to a group of customers that considered to have the same character

In email marketing strategy, the biggest challenge was how to look within to see who we are, but also look within the customer to see who they are.  

2. Social Media

Social Media platform is a tool for everybody to keep in touch, even remotely. Socializing is a human’s natural trait, as a human we cannot live alone or not communicate for a long time.

That’s how Social Media Marketing works. The tool helps us to reach everybody everywhere and everytime. Below are the Social Media Marketing strategy trends:

Creative and Interactive Content with Video

Video is considered a more effective way in Social Media Marketing. Nowadays, people are so much more interested in learning and working with visual, picture, or color rather than words and a textbook. 

Making video marketing needs a goal from the start. What is this video made for? Is it for the sake of gaining awareness from audiences, or promoting a new product?

Every platform has their own video style depending on their majority of their user’s character. Each platform’s communication style has to catch a Digital Marketer’s attention in order to decide which platform fits the video, which video is right for the platform.

TikTok has a more fun and casual way in serving its content. On the other side, Instagram is more serious with its informative and elegant content. Different story from YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

This whole process may teach us to be more consistent in producing Social Media content.

3. Website Development

Building a website means a brand has proclaimed its existence in the internet world. 

Not only on Social Media platforms, the appearance of a website room has to be decorated and personalized to become visually authentic and represents a brand’s persona.

The three most important things in developing a website are: visually appealing, easy to navigate, and filled with content written in a way that is optimized to search engine. 

Writing SEO-Friendly Content & SEO Voice

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a Digital Marketing strategy that uses a content writing skill to be clever in arranging the sentences and also creative. 

Applying the SEO working system is a definition of competition to reach the search engine sensitivity in keywords. The goal is to make our content stand at the top of the front page of the search engine.

The search engine’s trait are quite sensitive to a keyword. It made a writing process have to be focused on one or more keywords. 

In 2020, smart device users in America used voice search features to search for keywords through the search engine. Research from eMarketer proposes how the users of the voice searcher reach up to 128 millions every month. 

Activating a voice search feature in a company’s website should be a nice way to try another trend in Digital Marketing strategy.

4. Content marketing

Content marketing aims to reach, involve, and connect with consumers through different content so that the brand awareness of your business increases. You can provide content in the form of videos, articles on blogs, infographics, and more.

For example, suppose you have a traveling equipment business. In that case, you can write an article about the equipment needed when traveling for the first time. Apart from that, you can also create video content regarding recommendations for travel bags suitable for backpackers.

However, the content will be even more effective if combined with SEO. Using SEO, the content you produce will be easily found by people on Google searches. One of them is by entering keywords in the content that you create. For example, in an article on traveling equipment, you can enter keywords such as “Tips for Caring for Traveling Equipment.”

Besides that, the central part of content marketing is how you create content that can be memorable for the audience. Of course, this can be done by providing quality and exciting content. So that, in the end, it can increase their trust in your business.

5. Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click, or PPC is an internet marketing model where advertisers pay a fee each time their ad is clicked on. Usually, these ads are found on Google search pages using the Google Ads service. You can see the image below.

Pay-per-click, or PPC, aims to reach more people who search on Google with a keyword. For example, “buy shoes.” Then on the Google search page, ads will appear on your website.

For those who are just starting to use digital marketing, PPC is a beneficial online marketing strategy. This pushes your website to the top of search results, which can also help you get customers directly. But, if both of them place the website in the top position of Google search, then what’s the difference with SEO?

Put, if you use PPC, you pay Google every time an ad you place on a search page is clicked by someone. Meanwhile, SEO is not advertising but is achieved in several ways, such as targeting keywords and optimizing the website page.

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