5 Content Marketing Tips to Market Your Business

In the modern business world, creating engaging marketing content is necessary if you want to progress.

Through interesting marketing content, you can create strong relationships with customers.

In addition, at this time, almost all marketing activities are focused on digital marketing, which means focusing on the content displayed.

Content Marketing Glimpse

According to Forbes, content marketing is a marketing strategy for creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract the intended audience’s attention.

However, content marketing is more than just creating content for an information-hungry audience, you know!

According to Neil Patel, content marketing also aims to build strong relationships with audiences over the long term.

Therefore, the content must be relevant to create a feeling of need from the audience, which ultimately has an emotional closeness to the content being produced.

The simplest example is the creation of video content created by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI).

In 2017, they became one of the most significant sources on YouTube for providing content in the form of statistical videos.

In fact, they are currently expanding their strategy through podcasts. The goal is to create a relationship with the audience in all media.

This example shows that CMI has been creating consistent content close to the audience, and always relevant and on track for several years.

Content Marketing Tips

Here are 5 proven content marketing tips you should apply to your marketing strategy!

1. Create Quality and Trending Content

To create quality content, you need to know what’s trending on the Google search engine. To find out this, you can find out through Google Trends. Try to access Google Trends and see the subject of the conversation.

After you know the trending topics the public discusses, the next step is to choose and adjust the trends that match your business. Begin to apply existing trends to the content that will be created.

For example: if the current trend is discussing the latest fidget spinner toys while your business sells electronic gadget products, then your marketing content can be articles about gadgets and fidget spinner games.

The two things that are still connected will attract interest from your target market to read the content created. Your content will be more relevant than if you create content without researching trends.

2. Content Must Define Your Audience

You need to know who your target audience is, what they need, and where they usually hang out to create content that genuinely educates, entertains, and changes the mindset of your audience.

Make sure the content you create must be able to define your target audience. Get to know each audience’s geographic location, occupation, income, and characteristics. Position yourself as an audience and start to understand your motivation.

For example: if your business sells gadgets, and your target audience is people aged 14-40 who are aware of technology, then the content you create must reflect current technological advances.

Your marketing content must contain the latest technological information and the functions of the gadgets sold.

3. Repurpose Your Content

You might think that every content created must be original content. This is of course true, but sometimes it can be interesting to repurpose content that has been created before.

You can display old information that has previously been displayed in a different way, but contains the same information.

Repurposing content will save you a lot of time, but in terms of results, you will still be able to attract your audience, of course. Through content marketing like this, the interest from the audience will definitely increase.

4. Promote and Distribute Content

According to a 2014 study from Altimeter, 53% of business owners know it’s necessary to have a content strategy created, but only 26% actually implement it.

Your task, of course, doesn’t stop when you manage to create great Content. Once the Content has been made, the next step is to distribute it.

Content distribution can be done through social media, websites, blogs, and other promotional channels.

Make sure you distribute Content that is created regularly so that you can get more audience.

5. Set Goals

Of all the business owners asked what to expect from their content marketing, 9 out of 10 would say, “increased sales.”

However, did you know that creating interesting marketing content must be done periodically and in stages before reaching the final result of increased sales?

In the beginning, you try to build every existing marketing content to be more attractive; you will only get a more target audience to see your business.

More people know what you do and who you are.

Types of Content Marketing

Still trying to decide what form to create content? The five examples of content below could inspire you further.

1. Infographics

Many people are hungry for information but sometimes need help to read data presented in long research or writing. Infographic trends currently often used by the media can be one solution.

Infographics can present complex data in an easy-to-understand form. One of the advantages of infographics is combining pictures and writing, but the information conveyed remains to the point.

2. Websites or blogs

You could use a website or blog if you need a place to create content. You can create articles that suit your target audience on websites and blogs. Apart from creating articles that suit your audience, you must also pay attention to SEO.

SEO cannot be separated from content marketing. A good SEO strategy will undoubtedly invite traffic to your site or blog.

Also, make sure your site or blog is pleasing to the eye from a smartphone. This is because most internet users in Indonesia access content via smartphones.

3. Podcasts

Emerging trends must be utilized as well as possible.

For example, a podcast that is currently hype in Indonesia.

Some content creators or brands also take advantage of this opportunity to create awareness.

The topic can also be adjusted to the target audience you want to target.

The podcast is one of the intelligent containers to replace the radio.

Audiences can enjoy your content anywhere and anytime while doing other things.

Remember, podcast content must always be relevant, so your audience remains loyal to your product.

4. Videos

Video is still an effective medium for content marketing, mainly via YouTube. Why? This is because the ease of access to YouTube is still in demand by people globally.

In addition, content in the form of videos will be easier to understand and enjoy. Make videos that are useful for the audience.

Don’t let the videos you make only invite clicks because they sell sensations or controversies that can harm your brand image.

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