Tesla Marketing Strategy in 2023: A Closer Look

Tesla electric car that is now a byword in society and does not use a fuel engine. Each Tesla car is unique enough to make it very attractive in the market. Additionally, Tesla’s marketing strategy has also been highlighted a lot.

Tesla Motors, now the name has changed to Tesla, Inc., is an automotive company specialising in the manufacture of various electric engine components, manufacture of batteries, manufacture of rechargeable battery devices, and is best known as an electric car manufacturer.

Since he first committed to creating a car, Tesla launched a fully electric car, not a hybrid. This makes all of Tesla’s vehicles without fuel.

Tesla Sales Increase

In the first quarter of 2022, Tesla posted record deliveries of its electric vehicles. As reported by the company, shipments reached 310,048 units, an increase from the previous quarter.

This number also increased by around 68% from the previous year. This figure exceeded predictions from Wall Street with the achievement of units sold as many as 308,836 cars, quoted from the Refinitiv report.

Tesla Model Y and model 3 sales totalled 295,324 units. The company also delivered around 14,724 Model S and Model X premium SUVs.

Sales Continue to Rise Every Year

Tesla’s electric car sales increased by 3.1% compared to the previous year.

This could mean that around 4.2 million electric vehicles will be sold in 2021 worldwide or an increase of approximately 2.01 million vehicles compared to the previous year or about 1.4 million in 2019.

Tesla itself is claimed to contribute around 21% of total global electric vehicle sales in 2021. However, Volkswagen Group and Stellantis recorded more significant growth in the electric vehicle sector.

Tesla Makerting Strategy

Tesla’s success in becoming one of the world’s most flashy electric car manufacturers is not without reason. Tesla’s well-executed marketing strategy has made it known to many people.

What are these marketing strategies? Here are some of them:

1. Become an Authentic Brand

There’s nothing fake about Tesla. His mistakes and failures were acknowledged to the point of sharing his secret plans, each post on the blog and Twitter being honest and genuine.

Today’s consumers are very savvy with social media. They can tell which brands are genuine and which are fake. Being authentic is a principle of a successful social media marketing strategy.

The content presented must be original to feel real. When something goes wrong, admit it quickly. This will earn you the sympathy of the audience.

2. Simplify the Buying Experience

Unlike conventional car sales, buyers looking to get their hands on a Tesla don’t need to go through a lengthy and tedious buying process.

Buyers can order and get Tesla very quickly. To simplify the buying experience, buyers will be invited to interact with the brand in as much detail as possible. This is realized by creating a website that is quite efficient and easily accessible by future buyers.

3. Rely on Word of Mouth Marketing

Tesla’s next marketing strategy, which was unexpected, was the word-of-mouth marketing method. Tesla’s referral program allows its customers to share experiences with other Tesla users.

Indeed, many customers trust recommendations from people who have been known and trusted before. They are like family, friends, co-workers, and others.

To start word-of-mouth marketing, you can ensure that the product, sales process, and customer service are the best things the environment offers.

When this is obtained, the customer will naturally tell the product’s advantages to everyone and recommend it.

4. Consistent with Vision and Mission

While Tesla is focused on selling its products in the form of electric cars, at the same time, they are also focused on leading the transition to the use of vehicles. From initially using fossil energy to renewable energy.

This is deliberately echoed to his customers over and over again. For the goals to be realized, a strong vision and mission are the background.

Consistently realizing these two things is one of Tesla’s marketing strategies.

5. Using Multiple Channels for Exposure

Taking advantage of existing opportunities is a natural way to make a brand known.

In its social media and website, Tesla provides awareness of the brand. The company also cooperates with various universities by offering a training program.

This is quite effective in demonstrating the purpose, vision and mission of the brand to gain support from the audience using various channels. The use of these multiple channels certainly increases product exposure.

6. Dare to Compete

Tesla’s last marketing strategy is to dare to compete. All of Tesla’s patents are purposely made available to many people. Tesla officials are also known to be very supportive of brand competition carried out by competitors when they try to show progress on the side of the advancement of electric vehicles.

Healthy competition will undoubtedly bring up even more innovations for customers in the future. Recognizing competitive achievements, supporting positive initiatives for the industry, and siding with competitors are best to trade practices.

Tesla Marketing Channels

Tesla’s approach to sales is unique among automakers, as they sell their vehicles directly to consumers rather than through franchised dealerships.

To support this approach, they have created a network of company-owned showrooms and galleries, located primarily in high-traffic urban areas.

Under their “Service Plus” program, Tesla has further integrated their direct sales strategy with their service centers. This means that their sales centers also function as customer service centers, which allows them to control the customer experience more effectively.

Unlike traditional automakers, Tesla does not offer franchises, which reduces the incentive for franchise owners to focus solely on performance-based rewards rather than on promoting the brand.

10 Things to Learn from Tesla Marketing Strategy

Last but not least, holistic branding goes beyond simply selling your goods or services by perhaps rooting for a cause and working for the benefit of humanity. Don’t be intimidated by the success of your rivals; instead, concentrate on dominating your sector while attaining your business’s long-term goals and vision.

Here are ten lessons we may take away from Tesla’s clear marketing plan to delve deeper into these points:

1. Improve the customer experience as much as you can.

2. Create a Powerful Referral Program.

3. Avoid depending on paid advertising.

4. Utilize the Social Media Influence of Your CEO.

5. Promote your mission and vision in your marketing efforts by being as authentic (and fun) as possible.

6. Post-Purchase top-notch customer support.

7. Embrace being a little controversial

8. Concentrate your energy online and enable self-service options

9. Keep your company’s messaging consistent

10. Increase brand awareness through several routes & welcome competition.

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