10+ Fastest Android Downloader Apps (Best 2023)

NESABAMEDIA.COM – You must have downloaded various kinds of files on the internet, right? Be it documents, videos, music, applications or others.

If you download a video file or document that is up to gigabyte in size, then you have to download it with the help of an android downloader application. The application will help you download various files on the internet that are large in size quickly.

Usually, if you download a file that reaches gigabytes without the support of a downloader application, the file can be interrupted by the download process. Why? because the file you downloaded has reached the maximum limit and is too large. Therefore you should use an Android downloader app.

Recommended Fastest Android Downloader App

Surely we will feel very upset if the file we are downloading becomes an error or disconnected in the middle of the download process. This often happens when we download large files on Android.

Therefore, for those of you who have a hobby of downloading large files such as downloading movies, you must have a downloader application on your Android. Here are 10 kinds of Android downloader applications that you must try and install on your Android phone.

1. Advanced Download Manager

Android Downloader App - Advanced download manager

The first Android downloader application is called Advanced Download Manager. This app is one of the best Android downloader apps and you can download files faster.

This application has also applied the spatial connection method. This method is a method of dividing the network by multi-threading up to 9 connections. Well, with this method that is able to make files in large sizes can be downloaded smoothly on your Android.

Using Advanced Download Manager, you can also check what your Internet speed is in real-time. Then the results of your downloads will be organized more neatly and will be categorized by date, time and others. You can also use the pause or resume feature to download various files that have a large size.

2. Turbo Download Manager

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Turbo Download Manager is an application that allows you to download many files at once, such as downloading images, videos, audio, zip files or documents in your Android mobile web browser.

How to use this application is also very simple, namely by sharing a URL link to the application, and then the application will increase your download speed by activating the multi-network method.

In the multi-network method, you can pause, resume or queue many download files at any time. If the file has been successfully downloaded, it will automatically enter your SD card.

3. Louder Droid Download Manager

Best Android Downloader Apps

The Louder Droid application is an application specifically designed for use on the Android platform. This application supports all types of files to download such as music files, videos, images, documents, and so on.

Louder Droid has an interface design or interface that is very friendly and familiar to the eyes of users. This is enough to make users feel satisfied and can operate it very easily. The app can also use both dark and light modes.

4. Fast Download Manager


You can make the Fast Download manager application as an alternative application to the advanced download manager application. Why? Because this application has features and tools that are almost the same as the ADM application. This application can do the download process using 10 connections and can use the pause and resume features.

The appearance of this application is also very good and has been integrated with the browser created in this application. Well, in that browser you can block annoying ads from all sites on the internet. That way, then you can surf the internet freely and quickly.

5. Code browser with Download Manager


Unlike the previous application, this browser code application is an internet browser in which it already has a download manager that can speed up the process of downloading a file. You can download videos, images, music, documents, and so on using this application.

You can also lock private tabs and download tabs with a password or Touch ID. In this browser there is also a USA VPN available that you can use unlimitedly. And to use it you can do it with a single touch on the protection icon. This application also supports various file types such as mpp4, avi, mov, docx, xls, and so on.

6. Download Accelerator Plus

Free Android Downloader App

This application has almost the same features as other applications, so you can use it as an alternative to the previous download manager application. Examples of features such as being able to see internet speed in real time, pause or resume.

Download Accelrator Plus application is also able to increase the download speed of your files on Android. To save a file to Android, you can do it manually by saving it to your SD Card. Another excellent feature is that this application can auto catch download links in all browsers.

7. IDM – Download Manager Plus


You must think that this application is an application issued by the company that created the desktop version of the Internet Download Manager (IDM) application, right? But unfortunately that assumption is wrong. Because this application is not an official application issued by the company.

But you should not be discouraged first. Because this application is no less interesting than the desktop version of the IDM application. This application has also offered download speeds of up to 500%. Not only that, this IDM application can support the download process in the P2P (peer to peer) method via Torrent.

8. Phoenix Browser with Download Manager


Similar to the Code Browser application, the Phoenix browser application is also an internet browser application in which a download manager is available. There are many various features available in this application, such as data saver, private browsing, and downloading files.

Phoenix browser can detect videos that you can download automatically with the smart detection function when you are browsing the internet. This browser will speed up your download process because it already has a download manager feature in it.

9. GeThemAll

Latest Android Downloader App

If you are bored with browsing various kinds of web to download files one by one, then this application will give you a solution. You don’t have to download various files individually. Because by using this application, you can download the entire file at once.

This application also features faster download management, and good file management. You just need to find the file that you want to download.

10. MyJDownloader


MyJDownloader has more than 300 plugins that you can use however you want if you want to download. A plugin that is useful for scheduling the right time the download process can start or stop is the scheduler plugin.

With this application you can monitor the download process that is running, see the arrangement of links that have been saved or can add links in linkgrabber.

That’s the article that explains about Android downloader applications. Hopefully this article can be useful and you can use it as a reference to download one of the applications above.

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