The 5 Best CCNA Certification Books for 2023

CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is an official certification from Cisco in computer networks. For those who don’t know, Cisco is a multinational company that is one of the leading players in computer network technology.

Its products have been on the market for decades and have become a connected solution for hundreds of companies. As a result, it can also become a standard in network design for small to large scale.

This CCNA is a certification that provides validation for the workforce to understand the ins and outs of Cisco products, especially those related to switching and routing.

Book List For CCNA Certification Preparation

1. CCNA Exam Preparation Book (640 – 801)

The CCNA exam preparation book is an authorized study guide by Cisco, widely recognized as one of the best CCNA books for the exam.

The book includes two exam preparation tutorials for the CCNA exam: Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices Part 1 and Part 2.

The first part, Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices Part 1, covers fundamental topics such as simple networks, Ethernet LANs, wireless LANs, LAN/WAN connections, and proper network environment management.

This section provides a solid foundation for understanding the basics of Cisco networking.

The second part, Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices Part 2, builds upon the concepts covered in Part 1 and provides expanded knowledge on router and switch output concepts.

This section delves deeper into Cisco networking and provides a comprehensive understanding of the technologies and protocols used in Cisco networks.

Additionally, this section also covers advanced topics such as routing protocols, network security, and troubleshooting, preparing students for the more complex topics covered in the CCNA exam.

Furthermore, this book also includes practice exercises, review questions, and simulations to help students test their knowledge and prepare for the exam.

With its comprehensive coverage of the CCNA exam objectives, this book is an ideal study guide for those looking to pass the CCNA exam and start a career in Cisco networking.

2. CISCO Certified Network Associate Study Guide (640 – 802)

The CCNA Exam Prep book authored by Todd Lammle is a popular resource among CCNA exam candidates.

This book is widely recommended by CCNA certified professionals for its comprehensive coverage of all important concepts related to Cisco network devices.

In addition to providing in-depth knowledge of Cisco networking, this book also includes four full-length practice tests to help students prepare for the actual CCNA exam.

The practice questions included in this book are designed to test the candidate’s understanding of the concepts covered in the book and simulate the actual exam.

This book is also organized in a way that makes it easy for students to follow and understand the material. The author uses clear and concise language that is easy to understand, making it an ideal study resource for students of all levels.

3. Cisco CCNA Exam Flash Card Practice Library (640-607)

This CCNA exam preparation library is a valuable resource for candidates preparing for the CCNA exam. It includes a wide range of exam prep questions, with more than 350 questions based on real-life industry scenarios.

This allows students to gain a deeper understanding of the material and better prepare for the actual exam.

Additionally, the library also includes a CCNA question bank with 500 practice questions, which can be used to evaluate a candidate’s proficiency in different CCNA knowledge areas.

The flashcards included in this library are especially useful for last-minute exam cramming. They provide quick and easy access to key concepts and are an effective way to retain information.

Overall, this CCNA exam preparation library offers a comprehensive collection of exam prep materials that are designed to help students pass the CCNA exam and succeed in their Cisco networking career.

4. CCNA Exam Certification Guide (640-607)

The CCNA Exam Certification Guide – Third Edition is a highly recommended preparation book for the CCNA exam. This book has received positive reviews from participants for its well-organized and comprehensive coverage of the exam objectives.

It covers important topics such as internetworking functions of each layer of the OSI reference model, the functionality of Cisco IOS software and TCP/IP and IPX protocols, and the segmentation of networks using routers, switches, and bridges.

In addition, this book also covers the use and configuration of Catalyst switches, STP, and VLANs. These are essential concepts that are covered in the CCNA exam and this book provides an in-depth understanding of these topics.

The book is also written in a clear and concise manner, making it easy for students to understand and retain the information.

5. CCNA Practical Studies (640-607)

The Cisco Certified Network Associate Practical Studies book is a valuable resource for candidates preparing for both the CCNA Exam 640-607 and 640-801.

This book provides hands-on networking lab scenarios that are essential for mastering the concepts covered in the CCNA exam.

With over 500 pages of lessons and information on the CCNA exam syllabus, this book is a comprehensive guide that provides in-depth insights on remote access-based lab environments.

The book also includes detailed explanations of the various technologies and protocols covered in the CCNA exam such as LANs, WANs, and VLANs, as well as routing and switching protocols.

Additionally, the book also includes practice exercises and review questions that help students test their knowledge and prepare for the exam.

Furthermore, the book also includes detailed configuration examples and real-world scenarios that help students understand how the concepts covered in the book are applied in real-world networking environments.

This practical approach provides students with a deeper understanding of the material and prepares them for the actual CCNA exam.

Cisco Certificate Tier

In general, Cisco certification is divided into three levels, namely Associate, Professional and Expert. To understand more deeply, the following description.

1. Associate Level: CCNA

Cisco CCNA is a type of computer network expertise certification from Cisco Systems for entry-level/associate (beginner) levels. The owner of this certificate is expected to be able to design, build, and maintain LAN/WAN systems for up to 100 devices.

Then the owner of this certificate can also continue the next Cisco certification, namely CCNA, which leads to one of the computer network specializations, namely CCNA Telepresence, CCNA Security, and CCNA Wireless.

2. Professional Level: CCNP

At this level, the Cisco Certified Network Professional is the most popular certification. This certification indicates that the owner has expertise at a professional level. Additionally, certificate holders can design, build, and maintain up to 500 devices.

The requirement to have this certificate is to already have a CCNA certificate. At the professional level, there are Jennings other than CCNP, namely CCDP, CCIP, CCSP, and CCVP.

3. Expert Level: CCIE

The top and last level are Expert, the owner of this certificate is known as an expert in the field of network technology according to the certificate. CCIE stands for Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert.

To get it, the certification exam that is carried out is not only written but also practical, increasing the difficulty level.

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