Definition and Examples of Humility

Definition and Examples of Humility – Do you have a friend who is known for his good nature? Characteristics such as helping others, not being stingy in sharing, humble, or easy to get along with anyone? If you know someone with these traits, you can be trusted if you feel comfortable hanging out with that person.

Such people are certainly well-liked people in their circle of friends. This is because they always do good deeds to other people, these people will also get reciprocity in the form of kindness from their surroundings.

Definition of Humility

Buddy can make this friend as an example in acting and behaving. There are lots of good attitudes towards the environment of the closest people that we can apply when interacting. One of these good attitudes is humility.

You may already know the meaning and examples of humility. Knowledge of this topic should have been studied long ago when we were in elementary school. Not only studying, you are of course also asked to practice this attitude in everyday life.

the meaning of the word “humble” is very simple and quite to the point , namely “things or traits that are not arrogant or arrogant.”

Meanwhile, if we look for the meaning of the word “humble” using the English dictionary, in this case the Oxford dictionary, the word “humble” has a slightly longer definition when translated into Indonesian, namely “having or showing a simple approximation or inferior to the original self .”

Therefore, you can conclude that basically, humility is an attitude in which a person does not feel arrogant about what he has. This can be in the form of property, intelligence, or status that person has.

As you already know, humility is an attitude that many people like. You can check your circle of friends, and see that people who have a humble attitude will be surrounded by many people because of that attitude.

Example of Humility

Humility is not so difficult to apply and practice in everyday life. You may also have done humility in the environment of those closest to you, without realizing that this is an example of humility.

If so, then you actually already have a humble attitude within each of you. In accordance with the definition from the Oxford dictionary that has been described, people with a humble attitude generally judge themselves to be simpler than others think.

Below, we will explain some simple examples of humility. Friends can learn, apply, and reflect on the actions of humility in each other.

  • Put others first. People with a humble attitude do not hesitate to prioritize others in their actions. This is not to show they care, because these people really want to help others
  • Willing to listen to others. People with a humble attitude will not interrupt other people’s conversations, but will listen to the person carefully, and show their interest in related topics.
  • Want to learn something new. Because people with a humble attitude are aware of all the shortcomings they have, they don’t hesitate to seek new knowledge, so they can become better individuals than before.
  • Want to receive help. Generally, people with high egos refuse to accept help, because they want to show that they can. In contrast to humble people, who know their strengths and weaknesses, so they want to accept help.
  • Can take criticism well. People with high egos also find it difficult to accept criticism openly, because they see it as a weakness that should not be shown in front of other people. People humbly understand that criticism is something that can help them to be better, so they are open to criticism and input.
  • Do not belittle people and events. Someone with a humble attitude, will appreciate the relationship they have with anyone, and do not want to take the relationship and situation they are in at that moment for granted.

Of course, there are many more examples of humility around us. You can try to make observations of the surrounding environment, and find out more about humble attitudes that you can try to apply in your daily life.

The Benefits of Being Humble

Good qualities in a person will have a good influence on others, and also on yourself. If there’s nothing to be gained from being kind, why continue to maintain that trait to others?

In the case of being humble, what you get is not something in the form of a physical object and can be used in everyday life. However, something that results from humility, is something that is beneficial for ourselves.

Here are a number of benefits that friends can feel in each other, if you decide to start being humble towards the people around you.

  • Better ability to control yourself. Because people with a humble attitude tend to know their limits, they have the ability to control and limit themselves when they are doing things.
  • Reducing prejudice against others. Prejudice is a common trait possessed by someone. However, if someone has a humble attitude, they realize that everything has a reason, so they feel that prejudice is unnecessary.
  • Strengthen relationships with others. People with a humble attitude often treat others well. In the end, they will get reciprocity in the form of close relationships with the people around them.
  • Can lead well. Humility makes a person less selfish, willing to listen, able to accept criticism, and ready to take responsibility. These traits are qualities shared by many great leaders.
  • Become calmer in life. When someone decides to be humble, they understand that there is nothing in this world that they can control, so they can live their lives quietly and peacefully.

Like the discussion on examples of humility, there are many more benefits that friends can experience when trying to be more humble. These benefits may only be felt by you, and not for other people.

The Opposite of Humility

Every good quality also has its opposite nature and these qualities are definitely not praiseworthy and enviable qualities. You will lose more if you decide to keep bad traits, compared to the benefits.

Humility has an opponent in the form of arrogance. This arrogant attitude is also commonly referred to as arrogant and arrogant. This attitude is a form of heart disease, which will certainly only bring trouble to you .

the word “arrogant” has the meaning of “excessive self-esteem; arrogant or conceited.” If you have ever seen someone with behavior and speech that is overly confident and tends to look down on other people, it can be concluded that this person has an arrogant attitude within him.

Characteristics of Arrogance

Arrogance is not only determined by the form of excessive self-confidence and whether or not someone often looks down on others. There are still a number of behaviors that people with an arrogant attitude usually engage in.

Below, you can see some examples of the actions and attitudes of arrogant people. You can also use the examples that will be given, to reflect on yourself, regarding whether or not this behavior exists in each of you.

  • Don’t want to listen to others. Even worse, these people often interrupt someone while they are talking, and only care about their own arguments, regardless of what other people are saying.
  • Always think yourself right. Arrogant people never feel that what they are doing is wrong. Even if they know the right or wrong of an action, these people never want to admit it in public, and will always say when they are right.
  • Feeling that status is everything. Not only their own status, this also includes the status of other people. They think that status can help them to solve all the problems they are facing.
  • Never felt like I couldn’t. People with an arrogant attitude always feel that they can always do something. More than that, they also hate to admit their inability to something, and try to always cover it up.
  • Always feel better than others. Arrogant people always want to prove that they are the best, and no one else can compete with their prowess. They also don’t want to acknowledge other people’s abilities, and will constantly say that they are better.
  • Difficulty trusting other people. This is due to the previous reason, that is, these people feel far superior to others. They can’t believe someone has the capability to stand beside them.

Ways to Avoid Arrogance

Arrogant attitude, if kept inside oneself continuously, will slowly bring a lot of losses to the owner. These losses do not only come from outside, but will come from within each one.

Someone who is arrogant will definitely be shunned by their circle of friends, because they feel disgusted with attitudes that feel too high and often look at other people in one eye. Other people will also be reluctant to interact with arrogant people, because they know that sooner or later, they will be looked down upon.

People with arrogant attitudes can only rely on themselves in the end. Apart from the fact that they don’t want to trust other people, no one else wants to have anything to do with these people, and they don’t want to get close to arrogant people.

You certainly don’t want to keep an arrogant attitude, do you? Fortunately, there are a variety of ways for you to avoid being arrogant, and it is possible that these methods will make you a more humble person. Here’s the presentation.

  • Lower your personal ego. This applies to a wide variety of situations, from learning something new, discussing it with others, to admitting one’s own mistakes. A small ego can make you a more humble person and will open up more opportunities in any case.
  • Learn to respect people’s opinions. There are times when one person’s opinion sounds reasonable and is preferred by others. And this is not something bad, but a way for you to learn to be humble, and willing to appreciate it, so that in the future you can express your opinion without having to worry that your opinion will be rejected, or better yet, an opinion that can be accepted.
  • Want to try to hear the advice and suggestions of others. Friends need to lower their ego, and be aware that there are times when someone conveys something useful to you . This can also be useful to help you become a better person.
  • Want to try to work together. Cooperation can change one’s view of others, and avoid pride. This is because, in the process of collaboration, we will see how someone works, so we can learn new qualities from that person.
  • Seeing the “content” of a person. The purpose of the content is the thoughts and characteristics of a person. This is one of the main causes of arrogance where we are too quick to look at the appearance of a person, before seeing the character and thoughts of that person.


Keeping a humble attitude to yourself is something that will never go wrong, and will never bring harm to you . As I have read above, there are many advantages to choosing to be humble.

Conversely, if you decide to be arrogant in front of other people, then you will only feel a loss, without receiving positive feedback from the people around you. If this continues, the losses will slowly get bigger and make the situation worse.

Therefore, it would be nice for all of us to choose to be kind in our daily environment. If possible, we can try to apply other good attitudes such as being honest in speaking, wanting to help others, and being polite in acting and speaking.