Download EaseUS Partition Master (2023 Latest)

EaseUS Partition Master is a software to manage hard disk partitions. This kind of software is usually needed after you buy a new hard disk or when you want to extend the capacity of one of the partitions that has started to run out of storage space.

You can download the free version of EaseUS Partition Master if you don’t want to buy the premium version, but keep in mind that it can only be used for hard disks with a total capacity of no more than 8 terabytes.

Features of EaseUS Partition Master

Download EaseUS Partition Master

Display of EaseUS Partition Master

The dashboard section in EaseUS Partition Master displays all existing partitions along with their respective information such as storage space capacity, remaining storage space, file system, and partition type. On the right, all the options you need to manage your partitions are neatly arranged vertically. All of these options can also be accessed by right-clicking on each partition.

It’s easy to use. To increase or decrease the capacity of a partition, you just need to slide the slider until you get the right partition size. If you find any difficulties, or want to know how a feature works in more detail, you can read the guide provided. Click on the Help button and the guide will open in the browser.

Besides being able to create and resize partitions, EaseUS Partition Master can also delete, clone, format, and change partition types. Two partitions can also be combined into one but the location of the two must be close together. You can even allocate unused storage space on a hard disk to partitions located on other drives.

Another thing that EaseUS Partition Master is capable of doing is moving the operating system to a new hard disk so that installation does not need to be done, as well as permanently deleting data using the Wipe Data option.

Any changes you make to the partition are not directly executed by the EaseUS Partition Master, but are accommodated first. Thus you can make several changes at once at once. When you’re done organizing all changes, click Apply to process them, or click Undo to cancel. This Undo option is only to undo the last change, so you can’t choose which changes need to be undone specifically.

Download EaseUS Partition Master

Let’s say you make three changes at once, namely converting partition type from primary to logical, changing drive letter, and resizing partition. In this example you cannot cancel the second step directly. To do so you have to cancel the third step first.

EaseUS Partition Master includes software that is only used occasionally, but is important enough that it must be saved. Once used, EaseUS Partition Master can be uninstalled. Just save the installer. That way you can save a little storage space on the hard disk. Download the latest and free EaseUS Partition Master via the link below:

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