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Are you currently learning material about statistics? One of the lessons that is not a few makes students feel difficult because they have to deal with numbers and counting. Related to statistics, there is a software that is indeed a mandatory soft war to learn.

Whenever you deal with statistics, this software is usually used to help your work. The software is SPSS. A program that has the ability to perform analysis related to statistics and data management.

Inside SPSS there are various menus and dialog boxes that make it easier for users to operate the softwar. SPSS or Statistical Package for the Social Sciences is very popular among researchers and statisticians. Those who study or are involved in the world of statistics will definitely not be separated from SPSS.

Currently SPSS has been acquired by IBM Corporation and renamed IBM SPSS. There are several versions of SPSS software, one of which is IBM SPSS 21. Of course this is an update from the previous version so it’s not surprising if it has something new than the IBM SPSS 20.

IBM SPSS 21 works by utilizing the Java programming language. This software is also available for various platforms such as Windows, MacOS, and Linux. There are still some other interesting things from the software.

Features and Benefits of IBM SPSS 21

IBM SPSS 21 for Windows

IBM SPSS 21 has some interesting features such as the following:

1. Research Easily

Inside IBM SPSS 21 there are many menus that you can use. Each of these menus is available to facilitate your work, especially related to research. Many use IBM SPSS 21 for marketing research, questionnaires, academic research, and others.

With IBM SPSS 21, your research is easier. You just need to enter your data and use the menu. After that, IBM SPSS 21 will perform its duties.

2. Simple and Interactive Display

IBM SPSS 21 includes software with a simple appearance. That’s why many people who study statistics will choose to study IBM SPSS 21. In addition, the appearance is still attractive and not easy to get bored.

3. Multi-platform

IBM SPSS 21 is not only for Windows computers or laptops. This software supports other operating systems such as Linux and MacOS. Operating it also does not require a device with high specifications.

Download IBM SPSS 21 Latest

That’s all the discussion about IBM SPSS 21 software. In conclusion, this is the latest software from IBM SPSS 20. For the menus and appearance do not experience significant differences. But still using the latest version will definitely be recommended because there are usually its own advantages. IBM SPSS 21 does not have a large file size. Download the latest IBM SPSS 21 for free via the following link:

[Password ZIP / RAR: 123]

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