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The Sims is a game that currently occupies the same list of other popular games, since it was first released this game has become a popular game and has changed several times from their updates. The Sims became the first version of the game released in 2000.

The Sims was first developed by Maxis and published by EA (Electronic Arts), in 2000. Games that bring this simulation effect do provide a different concept, where it will be a game in simulation like real life,

This game only allows players to play the main player, because indeed in the first version it only supports Single Player just. Later, players can build relationships with other players in The Sims, to build families together.

Features and Pros of The Sims

The Sims

The Sims

The Sims was first released for Windows and Mac OS X in 2000, making it the most widely played PC game at the time. Still the same as the concept of The Sims, where players can do various kinds of interesting activities according to what they want.

Building a family in The Sims is also possible, where players will get a number of features to add their family members. So that the condition of the house will become more crowded with the addition of new family members.

Players are also given access to be able to remove family members, there are many other fun that can be played The Sims. This will be a recommended game for those of you who want to start playing the latest version of The Sims.

So, what are the features in it? Check it out below:


Needs is a feature that allows players to be able to find out what the character wants or needs, later there are several size displays such as hungry, requires socialization, energy, to clean up.

Select a Family

In this feature, players are given access to be able to select and add their family members, players are also given access to be able to remove unwanted family members.

Taking Care of the House

The Sims provides an experience to take care of the house and its content, later there will be day and night that allows players to turn on the lights, to turn them off before going to bed and after morning.

How to Install The Sims

  1. Download The Sims via the link below.
  2. Extract the “” file
  3. Do Mount for The Sims.iso.
  4. Open a file that is already in Mount just now and run Setup.exe.
  5. Choose what language you understand and immediately Install.
  6. Follow the installation instructions and when asked about the Serial Code, then you have to open the serial.txt which is in the Games Files folder.
  7. After the installation process is complete, open “Games Files\NoCD” and copy “Sims.exe”
  8. Not the folder where The Sims has been installed, if you don’t know right-click The Sims Shortcut select “Open File Location”.
  9. Paste the Sims file.exe and confirm.
  10. The Sims is ready to play.

Download The Sims Game for Free

The Sims is an old version of Sims, this game is still suitable to be played for those of you who want to present the experience of playing the old version of Sims. Download the latest and free The Sims for Windows via the link below:

↓↓↓ Download ↓↓↓

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