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Total PDF Converter is a software to convert PDF file formats to other file formats such as DOC or DOCX, TXT, RTF, CSV, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, HTML, and others. There are more than 25 file formats supported by Total PDF Converter.

Got dozens or even hundreds of PDF files to convert? No problem, because Total PDF Converter is capable of processing multiple files at once. Thousands of PDF files can still be processed as long as you are willing to wait a while. In addition to the number of files, the conversion speed also depends on the respective file size and file complexity.

Features of Total PDF Converter

What is Total PDF Converter

Convert without text or images

For PDF documents that contain images, Total PDF Converter can be set so that the document is converted without including images.

It is also possible to process images without including text so that later the output document will only contain images.

Convert multiple files at once

There are two options when you want to convert more than one file at the same time. The first option is to save each output file separately. If you convert five files, the conversion will also be saved into five files.

The second option is to save all the conversions into one file. Even if you convert 100 files, all you will get is still only one output file.

Merge PDF files

Maybe you don’t intend to do a file conversion at all, just want to merge PDF files. Maybe you want to convert and merge all PDF files into one TIFF image. Whichever one you want to do, both can be handled by Total PDF Converter


Among the PDF files stored on the hard disk, perhaps some of them do not have descriptive enough titles. You don’t need to open each of these files to find out the contents of the document because in the main window Total PDF Converter there is a preview panel.

The preview panel is located on the right and is accompanied by three options: zoom in, zoom out, and actual size so that the display of PDF documents in the panel can be enlarged and reduced freely.

Download Total PDF Converter

Each PDF file can be watermarked with an image such as an organization logo, website logo, QR code, or other image. If you choose a text watermark, you can adjust the appearance of the text first, for example specifying the font type. Both types of watermarks can be installed in the header or footer and will later appear on each page.

Total PDF Converter can also compress all images contained in a PDF document to streamline the output file size. This image compression is optional so you can ignore it for the best image quality. Download the latest and free Total PDF Converter via the link below:

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