Download Latest UniFi Network Controller 2023 (Free Download)

This time we will explain about UniFi Network Controller software. Maybe many are still not familiar with the software. Indeed, this one software is rarely used by ordinary people because it is related to network settings.

UniFi is a WiFi Access Point device that is designed to make a hotspot system more flexible. You can also more easily expand the network according to your wishes.

Features of UniFi Network Controller

UniFi Network Controller

But to expand the network, you need software called UniFi Network Controller. One of the advantages of this UniFi product is that you can expand the network by adding new UniFi devices without the need to manually set them up, namely by adopting them.

You must perform system settings in detail on a computer that must be active for 24 hours. Later the computer must be installed UniFi Network Controller. For your information, if you only need one UniFi device, you should not need to use the device.

This is because computers that act as UniFi must be active for 24 hours. But when the network you want to expand uses a lot of WiFi access and the coverage becomes wider, then use the UniFi Network Controller. Later this software will act as a bridge.

By using the UniFi Network Controller, you can set up or manage a large number of UniFi devices. You no longer need to set up these devices individually.

Here you only need to make settings through the software you installed. Later you only need to create hotspot profiles such as SSID, VLAN, and WPA. Then you just adopt according to the settings you need.

Another advantage of UniFi Network Controller is that the software is not only for Windows. Those of you who are now using Linux can also install it. Plus this software has a fairly simple appearance.

Some of the features contained in UniFi Network Controller include:

  • UniFi Network Controller is software that allows you to manage or manage UniFi devices
  • You don’t need to set up UniFi devices one by one. Everything you can set only through the UniFi Network Controller
  • The software has a simple size so it is not difficult to use it

Download the Latest UniFi Network Controller

This is an explanation of UniFi Network Controller software. Actually you can download it for free. But after a few days of use, you will be asked to pay in order to get a full license.

UniFi Network Controller support for Windows and Linux users. According to the news circulating is also available for Mac users. Please download the latest and free UniFi Network Controller via the link below:

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