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Windows Movie Maker is an editor and video maker application developed by Microsoft. On the Windows 7 operating system, Windows Movie Maker is installed automatically when we install Windows. But entering higher Windows, finally Microsoft eliminated by default, so for those of you who want to use Windows Movie Maker on the Windows 8, 10 operating system you have to download and install it yourself.

Windows Movie Maker is part of Windows Live Essential, so when you download Windows Movie Maker it will appear on the installation screen is Windows Live Essential. The main function of Windows Movie Maker is to process digital data in the form of image footage that is arranged into a single unit with the form of a movie.

Uses of Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker Display

By using Windows Movie Maker you can also add a lot of visual effects to the movie you are making, with a fairly simple look Windows Movie Maker is included in the software that is easy to use. The main menu set displayed in Windows Movie Maker is as follows:

  1. Home, is a main display that displays the Windows Movie Maker page, on the home page you will location such as to accommodate the file being edited, there are also various kinds of feature buttons that you can use to add visual effects.
  2. Animations, is a page on Windows Movie Maker that contains a collection of animation effects that you can use to beautify the results of the video you are making, you don’t need to worry about the animations available, because the Windows Movie Maker developer has provided a lot of animated visuals that you can use.
  3. Visual Effects, is a page that contains a collection of effects that you can use to add a cool impression to the results of your edited videos. By using the effects inserted on the layer, the results will be even more nice and interesting. Windows Movie Maker includes tons of visual transition effects that you can use.

Download Windows Movie Maker

In addition to arranging images into a series of one unit into a movie, Windows Movie Maker can also edit videos according to your creations. Windows Movie Maker is perfect for those of you who are learning to process video, so if you are pioneering to become a professional youuber, start from Windows Movie Maker in terms of image processing, if you have mastered it, you can move up to better video processing applications such as PInacle and so on.

Windows Movie Maker is an application program developed with the aim of complementing your lifestyle to be more interesting, so that you can download and use Windows Movie Maker for free without the need to buy a license from Microsoft. You can download the latest Windows Movie Maker download link for free via the link below:

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