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More than 17 years since it was first released on October 25, 2001, Windows XP is still in use today even though the number of users has decreased. According to data from NetMarketShare taken on August 19, 2019, Windows XP still gained a market share of 2.99%. Its loyal users not only come from home users, but also come from government institutions and the business sector.

There are several reasons why Windows XP is still used today. Starting from software that can run on Windows XP but no longer functions properly when used in the latest OS, low hardware requirements, interfaces that are easier to customize, to due to habit factors. In addition, there are also those who think that as long as Windows XP can still meet the needs, then as long as Windows XP does not need to be replaced.

Key Features of Windows XP

Download the Latest Windows XP

The Latest Windows XP Look

Hundreds of themes

There are many themes for Windows XP that can be obtained from the online community. For example, themes created by Deviant. Deviant is the name for those who are members of the Deviantart site. These themes not only change the appearance of the taskbar, start menu and wallpaper, but change the overall user interface so that the appearance of Windows XP can change drastically.

For example, Windows 8 Transformation Pack is able to change the appearance of Windows XP similar to Windows 8, as well as 7 Plus and Windows 7 Aero which can make Windows XP like Windows 7. Then there’s also Ubuntu XP for Windows XP, a taste of Ubuntu, and iLook for turning Windows XP into Mac OS X.

Neat taskbar

Users who are accustomed to multitasking certainly often open several windows at once so that the taskbar becomes full. In Windows XP, there is a feature to group all windows that come from the same software so that the taskbar does not look full. The feature is called Group similar taskbar buttons.

Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance

Both of these features serve to access computers located in other locations without visiting that location. For companies engaged in technology and computer technicians, both are very helpful in providing the best service for their customers without being hindered by distance. This feature is also very helpful when there are files left on a home computer because users can retrieve these files remotely through an office computer.

Internet Connection Firewall

Windows XP is also equipped with a firewall that functions to prevent unauthorized access that tries to infiltrate private networks. In simple terms, a firewall can be interpreted as a barrier between your computer and the internet.

Download the Latest Windows XP ISO

As an operating system that is very popular and still survives today, of course there are many other features owned by Windows XP such as system restore to restore the system condition as before and so on. All of these features can be enjoyed without having to pay additional costs to buy the latest hardware.

One more thing, even though Microsoft claims that Windows XP has not been supported since 2014, in fact Microsoft still launched Patch when security threats emerged from the WannaCry ransomware in 2017. Download the latest and free Windows XP ISO via the link below:

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