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Ever played Zuma Deluxe? There are many games that can be played both on smartphones and PCs. One of the challenging and fun games is Zuma Deluxe. This game can be played by anyone, from children to adults. So it’s no wonder that everyone wants to make Zuma Deluxe as one of their favorite games when they spend their spare time.

Then do you know why until now Zuma Deluxe is still widely played? Some of the reasons why Zuma Deluxe still has many enthusiasts we will explain below:

Why Zuma Deluxe Games Are Still Widely Played

Zuma Deluxe Game Download for Free

Zuma Deluxe Game Display

1. Simple

Zuma was first introduced in 2003. This game is the same as Plants vs Zombie, which is both made by PopCap, which was first introduced immediately received a lot of positive responses. Zuma’s popularity even makes PC gamers curious to play this game. This is what earned him the title of ‘Best Game of the Year’ in 2004 by RealArcade.

One of the reasons behind Zuma’s success is because the game has simple gameplay. However, the simplicity of the gameplay does not make the players bored and instead more challenged to keep improving their level. This makes people who are playing Zuma for the first time do not need to adapt too much to the gameplay and are not confused about how to play it.

2. Pause

One of the advantages of Zuma Deluxe is that this game can be paused. Unlike online games or other games that cannot be paused so to really stop, you have to complete the challenges or missions that exist.

For that, Zuma Deluxe you can play at any time and if suddenly you have a moment, you just pause the game. After that, you can continue playing the game.

3. Light weight

The third reason is that Zuma Deluxe is a lightweight game. You can play this game smoothly, whether you use a smartphone or PC. You only need standard device specifications to be able to play Zuma Deluxe smoothly.

Zuma Deluxe Game Download for Free

Even though there are now many games that may have the same way of playing, Zuma Deluxe is still a prima donna and indeed seems to never stand the test of time.

Some play Zuma Deluxe because they are curious about the challenges and excitement. There are also those who play this game because they want to be nostalgic for the games that have accompanied their childhood. For those of you who want to play Zuma Deluxe on PC, you must pay attention to the minimum specifications below:

  • Processor: Pentium II 350 MHz
  • RAM: 128 MB
  • DirectX 7.0

Of course, your computer will not experience problems because standard computers or laptops are now more than enough to play the game. Download the latest and free Zuma Deluxe Game for PC.

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