Top 11 IT Certification Courses for 2023

Information and Technology or IT certification are essential to get a dream job. There are quite a lot types of IT credentials which we will discuss in full in this article.

Certification shows a person’s proficiency in a particular field of IT topics. This certificate can be proof of someone’s reinforcement in front of a potential employer or prospective client.

Certification means proof of competence of a professional in a particular technical field. While IT certification is the process of a professional pocketing a specific lot of competence.

It is natural for a professional to have many IT certifications from certain vendors and even across vendors.

Benefits of Applying IT Certification

There are at least four functions of an IT certification.

1. First, this certificate can differentiate skills among prospective workers. The job description of each worker can be seen from the certification. Each worker’s proficiency level is immediately apparent from their certification type. And with an IT certificate, one has significant added value.

2. Interestingly, this IT certification does not require you to graduate with an IT-related study background. In other words, you don’t have to graduate from the major to register for an IT certificate. Passing specific certification exams is enough to prove your competency.

3. Slightly different if your IT-related campus adopts the certifying curriculum. This will help in answering questions when taking the certification exam.

IT Certifications Job Options

1. Developer Certification

Developer certification is a certification for developing software with various programming languages, tools, and resources for this software developer certification. An example of an IT certificate that will hoist points in a CV is coding proficiency in C/C++ or Java.

Other IT certifications in the developer field are Adobe (ACE) and Microsoft (MCSD) developer certifications. Below you can choose because it is well-known among developers:

  • C/C++ certifications.
  • Microsoft – Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD).
  • Amazon – Web Services Certified Developer.
  • Adobe Certified Expert (ACE).
  • Certified Secure – Software Lifecycle Professional.
  • Cloudera Certified Developer for Apache – Hadoop (CCDH).
  • Oracle Certified Java Certifications (OCP, OCM, and OCE).
  • Google – Apps for Business Certified Deployment Specialist.
  • Red Hat – Certified JBoss Developer (RHCJD).
  • Certified – Scrum Developer (CSD).
  • SAP – certifications.

2. Mobile Field Certification

This second type naturally appears along with the increase in smartphone users.

Automatically, certification in the mobile sector is also popular so that it can improve the way it is used as a derivative of the most popular mobile operating systems, namely Android and iOS.

Below are the types of mobile IT certificates that developers and companies are hunting for:

  • MTA – Developers.
  • IBM – Certified Mobile Application Developer.
  • Android – Certified Application Developer.
  • Kony – Certified Developer.
  • Swift – Developer Certification.

3. Big Data Certification

Big data or big data is one of the most touted themes. This is directly related to many applications and websites that generate much data. The data can be processed by the company.

Specialist in big data is one of the jobs in great demand today. And here are the types of IT certificates in the big data field which you can try:

  • Oracle – Business Intelligence Certification.
  • Microsoft – Certified Systems Engineer Business Intelligence (MCSE).
  • Microsoft – SQL Server Certifications.
  • Cloudera – Certified Professional Data Scientist.
  • EMC – Data Scientist.

4. Cloud Certification

The next type of IT certificate is related to cloud computing, which is often discussed today. Cloud technology is widely used because it is practical and safe. And the following types of IT certificates in the cloud sector can be tested:

  • Amazon – Web Services Certified Solutions Architect (AWS-CSA).
  • Google – Cloud Certifications.
  • Vmware – Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization.
  • CompTIA – Cloud+.
  • Microsoft – Certified Systems Engineer: Private Cloud (MCSE).

5. Help Desk Certification

There is also a helpdesk certification which is very helpful in the workplace. Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X are the most frequently used desktop operating systems.

The Microsoft Office application group is also widely used by business people. Meanwhile, Google G Suite is an application that is no less popular. So, you can look for the types of IT certificates below:

  • CompTIA – A+.
  • Apple – Certified Support Professional (ACSP).
  • Google – IT Support.
  • Microsoft – Specialists.

6. IT Security Certification

IT security is susceptible and is undoubtedly essential. Solid IT that is difficult for hackers to penetrate will ensure that all IT operations in a company run safely and solidly.

Therefore, many companies need IT certification in this field for related positions. With a certification in this field, they can be sure of the competency of their prospective workers. And the following types to choose from:

  • Control Objective and Related Technology (COBIT)
  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
  • Certified Information Security Manager (CISM).
  • GIAC – Security Essentials (GSEC).
  • CompTIA Security+.

7. Network Certification

This type of IT certificate in the network field is needed to establish a good connection between the company and the internet. Take one of the following types to hone competence in the area of computer networks:

  • Mikrotik Certified Network Associate (MTCNA).
  • Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA).
  • Mikrotik Certified Routing Engineer (MTCRE).
  • Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE).
  • Cisco Certified Networking Professional (CCNP).
  • CompTIA Network+.

8. Database Certification

The IT world is synonymous with databases or databases. Oracle and SQL are known to lead the field of database management systems (DBMS). The following is an example of the type of certificate:

  • Oracle – Certified Professional (OCP).
  • IBM – Info Management Certifications.
  • MongoDB – NoSQL Certifications.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Database Certifications.
  • ICCP Certified Data Management Pro (ICCP CDMP).

9. Administration System Certification

System administration, or SysAdmin, is integral to managing computer resources. This theme covers directory, network, and database management to e-mail or e-mail. To become a reliable system admin, it’s a good idea to take the following certificates:

  • VMWare – Certified Professional.
  • CompTIA Server+.
  • Linux – Professional Institute Certification (LPIC)
  • Red Hat Certified Engineers (RHCE).
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE).

10. IT Project Management Certification

The project manager leads an IT project. He is in charge of overseeing the project and is responsible for the success or failure of the project.

Therefore, honed my technical skills as a project manager by taking certification in IT project management.

The Project Management Professional Certification or PMP is among the most sought-after. This is a certificate that can apply to other areas. The following types of IT certificate in the project management field:

  • Certified – Associate Project Management (CAPM).
  • Project Management Professional (PMP).
  • Certified – Scrum Master (CSM).

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