10 Recommended PPSSPP Game Download Sites (Most Complete)

Are you living in the boom era of PS1 or PS2? If so, the PPSSPP game download site is the best place for those of you who want to reminisce about those times.

Yes, the advancement of technology also affects the video game industry. Although there are currently many mobile games that are compatible with Android and iOS, you can still play PPSSPP / PSP games, you know. Interesting, isn’t it?

PPSSPP is a game that requires a console to play. It’s an emulator that allows you to play older games available on first, second, and third generation PlayStation.

10 List of PPSSPP Game Download Sites

The good news is that PPSSPP is compatible with many major operating systems today, such as Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and many more. It’s not impossible for those of you who miss retro games to be played again on any device!

For those of you who don’t have a console but want to enjoy this exciting experience, PPSSPP game download sites can be the best mainstay that is worth trying. Here are the recommendations that you should know.

1. Emuparadise


Emuparadise is one of the most popular PPSSPP Android game download websites. A complete collection of PSP games makes many gamers hunt for old classic games on this website.

In appearance, Emuparadise looks quite minimalist, but interactive. If it’s your first time trying PSP games, it is guaranteed that it will not be difficult to find PPSSPP game links through Emuparadise.

Complete games and emulators are available on Emuparadise. In fact, this website also presents other content that you deserve to download such as TV Show video games.

2. Romspedia

PPSSPP Romspedia Game Download Site

No less interesting than Emuparadise, Romspedia is a place where you can find PPSSPP game ROMs along with emulators. You can play everything on various operating systems, including Windows and Android.

For iOS users, don’t worry. Romspedia provides PPSSPP ISO game download links that are guaranteed to be compatible with your device.

The downloaded emulator will be able to play the best games of all time, such as PES 2018 and FIFA 2018. Fun? Certainly!

3. Freeroms


Playing games on PC is fun, but it’s less practical. For that, you can use your Android device to play mobile games anywhere.

Now, even though you don’t have a console, that doesn’t mean you can’t play the most popular PS games. For you lovers of old games and want to reminisce again, visiting Freeroms is highly recommended.

This site provides PSP game download files along with emulators. The collection owned by Freeroms is quite complete. All you have to do is find the game you want.

4. Rgames31

PPSSPP Rgames31 Game Download Site

Download PSP games for Android is what Rgames31 offers. Here, you will find popular games that are certainly familiar if you were a fan of the old generation of PS games.

Yes, Rgames31 presents free PPSSPP games that you can download as much as you want, compatible with Windows and Android. The best PSP games on this site have been grouped alphabetically which makes it easy to search.

Before downloading, make sure the device you are using is compatible with the game! You can find out the minimum specifications needed directly from the main page of the Rgames31 website.

5. Ardnat


The most complete collection of PPSSPP ISO games owned by a site is the main consideration for many gamers who want to play games made by Sony as a PlayStation manufacturer that gained success as one of the best-selling game consoles.

In addition to the recommended PPSSPP game download sites that we have mentioned above, you can also add Ardnat to your reference list.

Ardnat facilitates anyone who wants to play PSP games on Android and Windows. Just like Rgames31, the collection of PS1, PS2, PS3, and other games has been grouped alphabetically on this Ardnat site.

6. Cool ROM

Cool ROM

Not only complete, a site called Cool ROM where you are free to download the PPSSPP game you want, also often hold exciting contests worth waiting for.

Yes, Cool ROM is one of the PSP game download sites for Android and PC that still exists today. Site managers are also diligent in communicating with visitors through the contests they hold. The prizes are also tempting.

Here, you can find a collection of the best classic games that have triumphed in their time. You can easily download games and emulators via Cool ROM.

7. PspFilez

PPSSPP PspFilez Game Download Site

Although using the Blogspot domain, it does not mean that this next site is not trusted. You can rely on PspFilez when it comes to downloading PPSSPP games.

When it comes to collections, PspFilez is one of the most complete. Starting from adventure games, RPG games, life simulation games, and many more are available on this site.

Various emulators that you need are presented by PspFilez which is certainly very helpful for fans of classic games. You can also find game tricks on this site, you know. It’s a pity to miss!

8. CD Romance

CD Romance

Although graphically irrelevant, playing the best retro game that was ever booming in its time has its own excitement. For you anime game lovers who are classified as old, you must know an interesting site called CD Romance.

There are many PSP ISO games that CD Romance presents. Most of them are games with anime-style visuals with otome themes. However, that doesn’t mean CD Romance doesn’t have popular games like Sonic or FIFA.

PSP ISO is not the only format that this site provides. There are also PSX ISO, GB ROM, GBA ROM games and many more that are worth exploring if you have a lot of free time to surf CD Romance.

9. Hi Droid

Hi Droid

As the name implies, this site provides a variety of content that focuses on the Android operating system, including PSP games that you might be looking for right now.

Having a look that is not much different from Rgames31 and Ardnat, all PPSSPP games in Hai Droid are presented alphabetically. You can also adjust the device specifications with the game you want to download later.

PPSSPP FIFA 14 file free download is one that is much hunted on this Hai Droid site. You can also find other genre games, not limited to sports, you know.

10. DownArea51

PPSSPP DownArea51 Game Download Site

Still existing today, DownArea51 is our last recommendation for those of you who are confused about how to download PPSSPP games for Android.

Through this site, it is not impossible to enjoy the experience of playing old games like using a console. DownArea51 also regularly updates PSP ISO and PSX ISO games so that the collection is always growing.

Interestingly, you can download game ROMs, emulators, and PSP game ISOs on DownArea51 in a small size so it won’t take up much space on your Android.

That’s it which PPSSPP game download sites are recommended for you to visit if you are interested in reminiscing, playing retro games that were once famous in the era of the emergence of first, second, and third generation PlayStation.

Ordinary users may be confused about how to download PSP games. But, take it easy, the sites we have mentioned generally also include download tutorials that you can follow later.

If you are still confused, you can slide to YouTube to find your own tutorial videos. In essence, playing PPSSPP games is interesting! You can try it if you are bored with current mobile games.

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