Top 10 Exciting Careers in Commerce You Can Explore

Studying commerce can open the way to a variety of exciting career options and jobs. The article talks about the exciting careers in commerce you can explore and the variety of factors that make these careers so interesting!

E-commerce Career Options

E-commerce is increasingly here, becoming a mainstay of the community for shopping for various kinds of needs as well as a platform for entrepreneurs to sell their products.

The convenience offered has made the e-commerce industry continue to experience significant improvements. The McKinsey report predicts that the e-commerce industry in Indonesia will reach a value of USD 40 billion by 2022.

No wonder now the e-commerce industry also requires a lot of manpower to support their operations.

Want to know what are the promising job opportunities in the e-commerce industry today? Check out the reviews of 5 professions in the field of e-commerce that you can make the following career choices.

1. Customer Experience Officer

A customer experience officer is generally defined as a professional that analyses customer activity. The relationship between products and customers is very important in today’s all-digital era.

To answer customer needs, we also have to understand these habits and their shopping experience. Customer experience becomes a reference in various business and service development strategies through the information obtained.

2. UI/UX designer

Jobs as User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Designers are no less trending in recent times.  The large number of companies starting to take advantage of digital platforms is the reason for the high need to fill this position.

UI Designer and UX Designer work together to create a comfortable user experience when browsing e-commerce apps or websites.

3. Software Developers

A software developer is one of the professions needed in today’s digital era. Software developers are generally responsible for developing, creating or modifying computer application software and programs.

They are also responsible for understanding user needs and designing and developing software solutions.

4. Logistics Staff

Logistics staff is also a profession that is closely related to e-commerce. The logistics staff manages the entry and exit of customer orders.

In addition to warehousing matters, logistics staff are usually tasked with carrying out other tasks, so this work is crucial to meet market demand.

5. Customer service

Customer service (CS) is important customer service for a business. CS becomes the liaison between the customer and the company.

In e-commerce, customer service is equally important to maintain customer loyalty and trust.

Good customer service can be the key to a company’s success. CS’s duties are generally to maintain customer satisfaction and help customers obtain information about the goods/services offered.

6. Charter Accountant

If you have strong analytical skills, excellent reasoning abilities, and a keen eye for detail, a career in accountancy may be the perfect fit for you.

As a chartered accountant, you’ll be involved in a wide range of roles and responsibilities, including financial analysis and reporting, budget management, auditing and evaluation, tax consulting, and more.

7. Investment Banker

Investment banking has long been a highly coveted career choice, known for its demanding nature and high risk.

As an investment banker, you will work with a diverse range of clients, including governments, corporations, and institutions, to help them raise capital and complete mergers and acquisitions.

To prepare for this career path, students can take the Business Analyst Certification Training Course, which provides a solid foundation in the field.

8. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

The CFA is a highly respected global career in finance, requiring a bachelor’s degree, 4 years of work experience, and passage of three difficult exams.

9. Actuary

If you’re skilled in math, statistics, and business, consider becoming an actuary. You’ll use financial modeling and risk analysis to evaluate the impact of potential problems on a company. This career offers both diversity and the option to work independently or with an organization.

10. Cost Accountant

As a cost accountant, you’ll help companies maximize cost efficiency through tasks such as profitability analysis and budget preparation.

11. Company Secretary (CS)

A company secretary advises the board on legal and regulatory requirements, files tax returns, and more. Any student from any stream can apply after completing 12th-grade exams and three stages of exams.

12. Personal Financial Advisor

Personal financial advisors help clients with short and long-term financial goals, including property investment, insurance, taxes, and retirement. A strong understanding of investment markets and the ability to identify the best stocks, bonds, or funds is essential.

13. Marketing

Commerce students can start with entry-level marketing jobs after 12th grade and progress in their field with experience. Digital marketing, a growing field, offers many job opportunities with small businesses.

To enter this field, consider a Certificate Program in Digital Marketing and a PG course later for better prospects.

14. Entrepreneurship

Starting your own business and selling products or services is a popular career path. Learn cost-effective promotion strategies with this article.

15. Human Resource Management

Human resource managers handle employee recruitment, benefits, and incentives. The business and management sector offers many opportunities due to growing interest.

16. Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

CPAs handle accounting, reporting, taxation, and auditing for businesses, clients, and government. They offer financial advice and it’s one of the highest-paying careers globally, including the US. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) administers the CPA exam.

17. Retail Management

Retail management is a growing profession with high pay. Retail managers run a store’s operations, care for employees, and interact with customers. Retail Management Courses equip professionals with knowledge of brands, retail philosophies, and consumer acquisition tactics.

18. Research Analyst

A research analyst can specialize in operations, economics, finance, equity, and more. A bachelor’s degree in a relevant field such as marketing, finance, or economics is required, though a Master of Business Administration course can enhance your career.

19. Sales Management

A Sales Manager is responsible for developing, designing, and executing the sales strategy, maintaining a strong customer base, and ensuring the company’s market presence, making it a high-paying career option for commerce students.

The sales manager oversees the sales team, including hiring, training, and coaching to help them bring in new clients and boost the company’s sales.

20. Hotel Management

Hotel management is another high-paying career path for commerce students. The hotel industry plays a significant role in travel and tourism, and has a significant impact on both domestic and global economies.

Whether or not they have a background in math, hotel management is a highly sought-after specialization for commerce students and offers some of the highest paying positions.

Starting salaries for hotel managers typically start at over 4 lakhs per year and have potential for growth as they gain experience.

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