Top 10 Highest-paying Jobs in the World: Tech and Non-Tech

Making a career choice can be overwhelming with the plethora of options available, some with high salaries and others with potential for growth. It’s important to consider three aspects before settling on a path:

  1. Does it align with personal and professional goals?
  2. Does it offer excitement and room for growth?
  3. How well does it pay?

While each person may place varying importance on these factors, salary is often a top priority. It’s natural to want to work for a reputable company, earn a high income, and lead a secure, comfortable life.

If you’re seeking guidance, looking for new opportunities after graduation or contemplating a career change, you’ve come to the right place for insight and inspiration.

1. Data Scientist

Salary potential:

  • ₹822,895 (India)
  • $97,658 (US)
  • £60,000 (UK)
  • C$109,802 (Canada)

Data scientists analyze vast amounts of structured and unstructured data to uncover valuable insights and patterns that can help companies make informed decisions.

They use a combination of computer science, modeling, statistics, analytics, and math to solve complex problems and must have strong presentation skills to effectively communicate their findings.

Data scientists are in high demand across industries, including retail, healthcare, media and entertainment, transportation, education, and BFSI.

What are the skills required to become Data Scientist?

Data scientist skills are listed below:

  • Statistical Knowledge and Analysis
  • Machine learning and Programming
  • Analytical and Critical thinking
  • Inquisitiveness
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Data storytelling

2. Senior Software Engineer

Salary potential:

  • ₹956,945 (India)
  • $121,758 (US)
  • £99,000 (UK)
  • C$248,000 (Canada)

A Senior Software Engineer holds a range of duties in a company, including testing and documenting software, mentoring junior engineers, and transforming business needs into technical specifications.

They must also oversee project schedules and priorities. With the widespread use of technology across industries, software engineering is a highly sought-after and lucrative profession.

From retail to healthcare, R&D to business, IT/ITES to government and defense, insurance to finance, software engineers are in high demand and can be found in nearly all industries.

What are the skills required to become a senior software engineer?

Skills needed to become a senior software engineer are:

  • Programming and debugging
  • Logical thinking and problem solving
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork and coordination

Software engineers usually have to work 40 hours a week, excluding overtime. Due to the challenging nature of the job and the high requirement of software engineers, the high salary is more than justified.

3. Investment Banker

Salary potential:

  • ₹966,410 (India)
  • $115,465 (US)
  • £90,000 (UK)
  • C$180,000 (Canada)

Investment bankers act as financial consultants for corporations and governments. They assist in securing funding for growth and improvement through means such as IPOs, bond offerings, mergers, acquisitions, and private bond placements. Their success is linked to the success of their clients and market conditions.

What are the skills required to become an investment banker?

Investment Banker Skills are:

  • Arranging finances
  • Equity financing
  • Negotiation of mergers and acquisitions
  • Networking and Communication skills
  • Time management
  • Impeccable qualitative and quantitative skills

4. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The demand for top executives is expected to increase by 8% between 2020 and 2030, with an average of 247,100 job openings posted each year. This position offers a high salary and significant authority.

Job Description and Salary:

A CEO must have strong leadership and communication skills, as they oversee all operations of the company.

Other crucial skills include a growth mindset, sales management and employee development, financial and operational efficiency, innovation and creativity, and the ability to align strategy with execution.

CEOs are well compensated for their duties, with top executives at well-known companies earning up to $310,000 and the median salary at $106,654. Experience in the field can result in a salary of $595,700 – $1,015,900.

5. Medical Professionals

The demand for medical professionals has increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic, driving up their salaries. The shortage of qualified medical staff is contributing to the rise in salaries.

Job Profile and Salary:

The roles, responsibilities, and salaries for medical professionals vary based on their specialty. However, some of the highest-paying jobs in the medical field are:

Cardiologist – A heart and blood vessel specialist with a national average salary of $345,754 per year, starting at $233,584.

Anesthesiologist – Administers anesthesia to patients and earns an average of $328,526 per year.

Orthodontist – Corrects teeth and jaw issues with a salary range of $259,163 to $301,549 per year.

Neurologist – Deals with nervous system issues and has a salary range of $237,309 to $635,601, making it one of the highest-paying jobs in the world.

6. Anaesthesiologist

Salary Potential

  • ₹12,17,872 (India)
  • $326,296 (US)
  • $192,000 (UK)
  • C$408,000 (Canada)

Anesthesiologists are medical doctors with expertise in pre-surgery care. They’re among the highest paid professionals globally and play a crucial role during surgical procedures.

Anesthesiologists ensure patients receive proper anesthesia type and dosage and monitor their vital signs during surgery. They also oversee patients’ pain management during recovery.

What are the skills required to become an anesthesiologist?

  • Critical Thinking
  • Stress Management
  • Focus
  • Problem Solving
  • Teamwork

7. Physician

Salary potential:

  • ₹1,198,158 (India)
  • $227,000 (US)
  • £102,000 (UK)
  • C$252,000 (Canada)

Physicians are medical professionals who diagnose and treat illnesses and diseases of the body’s internal organs. They come in two forms: general practitioners and specialist physicians.

General practitioners are the first line of contact for patients and have a broad range of medical knowledge. They develop treatment plans, but may refer patients to specialist physicians for specific or complex issues.

Specialist physicians have deep expertise in a particular area, such as cardiology, sports medicine, geriatrics, infectious disease, and others.

What are the skills required to become a physician?

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Attention to details
  • Communication skills
  • Resilience
  • Teamwork

8. Corporate Lawyer

A highly-paying and exciting career awaits in the field of corporate law. In 2020, the US saw a 106% increase in vacancies for corporate lawyers, indicating the rising demand for the position.

Job Profile and Salary:

Corporate lawyers serve as legal advisors to businesses and institutions, helping them understand their legal rights and obligations.

To start, obtaining a law degree is necessary. This job involves managing contracts, liabilities, ownership, employment, and other legal matters. Key skills required include:

Commercial awareness Strong negotiation skills Business and company law knowledge Interpersonal communication skills The potential salary for a corporate lawyer is around $240,000, with a typical salary range of $94,180 to $117,918 and a median of $105,731.

9. Web Development

The field of web development is thriving in the technology-driven world. The US Bureau of Labor predicts a 15% growth in web developer job opportunities by 2026. This increase is driven by the demand for digital transformation among businesses and consumers.

Job Profile and Salary:

Web developers are responsible for designing, building, and modifying websites. Key skills include graphic design, knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and other programming languages, and strong technical computer skills.

The median salary for web developers is $77,200, with entry-level salaries starting at $40,750 and reaching as high as $146,430.

Factors that can impact pay include a strong portfolio and positive references. Consider taking a Full-stack Development course for better job prospects and higher salaries.

12. Psychiatrist

Salary Potential:

$281113 (US)

£78,950 (UK)

C$290055 (Canada)

Psychiatrists are in-demand professionals who diagnose and treat mental disorders. To excel in this field, they need to understand a patient’s history, which can be time-consuming.

Despite this, psychiatry is a lucrative career, with a handsome average salary. To become a psychiatrist, one must first have an MBBS degree and then pursue a postgraduate degree in psychiatry through an exam.


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