Top 10 List of Fastest Growing Startups in 2023

Let’s be real, we all know big brands like Google, Microsoft, eBay, and Johnson & Johnson, but they all started out as small startups.

That means any new startup has the potential to become a huge success and dominate its market. But, in order to do that, startups need to be super innovative and use modern technology like AI, blockchain, and virtual tech.

In this article, we’re gonna take a look at some of the most innovative startups worth keeping an eye on this year. We’ll explain what makes them special and how they could potentially benefit you.

1. Funnel

Funnel is a company that helps businesses make sense of their marketing data. They work with over 1000 big brands like Skyscanner, Samsung, Adidas, Trivago, and more.

What they do is help companies collect all their data in one secure place and make it ready for analysis. Plus, the data is always accurate, up-to-date, and kept safe.

Once the data is ready, Funnel sends it to platforms like Google Data Studio, Sheets, and data warehouses so you can get insights from it.

What’s great about Funnel is that it’s easy to use and they have different plans for different types of companies. So, if you’re looking for a partner to help you understand your marketing data better, Funnel might be the perfect fit for you.

2. So Syncd

Are you tired of dating apps that always seem to suggest the wrong people for you? If so, you might want to check out So Syncd.

This dating app has been featured in Forbes, The Guardian, Cosmopolitan, The Sun, and lots of other big media outlets.

What makes it different is that it suggests matches based on your personality type, and it’s already made a lot of successful matches. There are lots of love stories on their website from real users.

All you have to do is take a 5-minute test to discover your personality type, then So Syncd will match you with people who are compatible with you, and you can connect with them. It’s super simple, but it’s great for people who are looking for a serious relationship.

3. Loom

If you’re looking for a way to make your remote work life a little easier, check out Loom. They started up in 2015 and they’re all about helping people like you save time and get more done.

Their tool lets you make quick and easy video messages that are perfect for talking to customers or coworkers. It’s a great way to make communication feel more personal and get your point across better.

Plus, lots of big companies already use Loom – like Netflix, Atlassian, and Amazon! They’ve got 14 million users and 200,000 companies using their service, so you know it’s gotta be good.

Utilizing Loom’s tools, the company’s solutions have the following strengths:

  • The ability to record your screen and camera on any device
  • Sending video texts to users who are logged out or don’t have an account with the help of a link
  • Many interactive features, such as emojis or time-stamped reactions

4. Printify

Are you an artist or designer looking to make some cash off your own designs? Printify might be just what you need. They partner up with some big names in e-commerce like eBay, Shopify, and Walmart to help you sell your custom products.

It’s easy to get started, all you have to do is upload your design onto any product you want, from socks to cups, and then pick a price and where you want to sell.

Printify takes care of the rest. They’ll handle the printing and shipping when someone orders your design, and you just sit back and make money.

5. Figma

Figma is the go-to tool for designers, especially when it comes to web and interface design. It’s perfect for creating awesome user experiences and user interfaces (UX/UI).

You can make prototypes and animations, then share them with your team. Plus, you can design for different screen sizes like desktop, tablet, and phone.

You can even share your prototypes with your team or clients to get feedback and make improvements. Big brands like Slack, Twitter, and Dropbox use Figma, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

6. OnlyFans

During the Covid-19 lockdowns, you probably heard about OnlyFans, a new platform that blew up. It’s known for its raunchy content, memes, and giving power back to content creators.

Even though it doesn’t have much investor backing, it’s been successful with a net revenue of $2.5 billion in 2022 and 7 million monthly users. But, because of its public image, bigger investors haven’t jumped on board yet.

7. Stackblitz

Programmers love keeping things simple, and StackBlitz gives them everything they need in one platform. It’s like a “Google Suite” for developers, with tools like code editors, automation, and debugging all in one place. Even big companies like Google use it, and it’s popular among other leading enterprise developers worldwide.

8. Linktree

Linktree is a tool that helps influencers and content creators share their content across different platforms in one click. It’s like a digital business card, which allows the user to easily access all of the creator’s pages on different platforms from one link.

It’s been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur and Digital Trends, and it’s constantly adding new features like payments and Shopify integration. Linktree makes it easy for subscribers to find and follow their favorite creators on multiple platforms.

9. Fandom

Fandom is a one-stop-shop for all things gaming, fantasy, and entertainment. It’s the world’s largest wiki for these topics and it has a huge following, with 350 million monthly users across 250,000 communities.

Gaming is a big part of Fandom, with over 1.2 billion gaming questions answered each month and a user base of 125 million gaming fans worldwide. It’s a paradise for all the nerdy fans out there, with all the latest info, discussions and fan theories, all in one place.

10. Lalamove

Lalamove is a logistics platform that’s been on a roll lately. They just raised a ton of money in a big investment round, led by Sequoia China. They’re all about fast delivery, and they’re crushing it. As of 2021, they’ve got over 10 million customers and a huge pool of 70,000 drivers.

They’re so efficient, that customers and drivers can be matched within 12 seconds, and deliveries are done within 55 minutes. That’s crazy fast, right? They’re quickly becoming the go-to choice for people who need things delivered quickly, especially in Asia.

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