Top 10 Reason Why You Should Learn Python

Current technological sophistication has attracted a lot of interest from young people to work as data scientists, data analysts and programmers.

However, it should also be noted that for such professions, several skills must be possessed to carry out their work, one of which is the ability to program languages. Several programming languages, such as Python, R, C++, Java, and many others, can be learned.

Python is one of the most popular and frequently used programming languages. Python is a programming language currently being developed and is quite easy to understand, like other programming languages.

Many companies use Python programming languages, such as YouTube, Instagram, and Google. Suppose you want to be involved in technology or data science. In that case, learning Python is the right choice to expedite future work.

What is Python

Python is a programming language which is often used worldwide. The programming language is also considered simpler than others. What are the areas of use that are quite diverse? It can include website development, algorithmic systems, application development, and simplification of automation systems?

In general, python aims to make any code related to the system clearer and more detailed. That way, it is more logical for various interests.

Its implementation is not too complicated, which will make developers more flexible. This is mainly related to what features will be developed for website and application needs.

Python is implemented on various operating systems, from PCs to smartphones, for example, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, Symbian, and other methods. Because of the many conveniences, it is considered suitable for beginners to learn.

Regarding the use of python, it’s not only the scope of technology but also related to data processing up to the analysis stage. These various functions make it useful also for the big data profession and the use of technology giants.

Why Python So Important?

As explained earlier, Python’s importance is not limited to technical matters. Many things can be made easier by implementing the programming language in it.

Here are some uses of Python that are so important to learn!

1. Website development

In building a business, having a website is certainly an important element in it. Apart from being an information provider to potential customers, the website also shows the company’s credibility.

Various websites for businesses are not infrequently given multiple kinds of features so that visitors can better understand the business being run. Using Python will make the process easier to develop a more intuitive and attractive website.

2. Development of IoT

Another thing that shows the importance of Python is the development of the internet of things (IoT). The Internet of things is a system where various objects or equipment can communicate with each other with internet devices.

To develop this, Python is used because of its convenience and flexibility.

3. Data mining

Another thing included in using Python is organizing and cleaning data.

Python is considered one of the best programming languages to work with. In addition, machine learning with Python simplifies data analysis using algorithms.

4. Development of machine learning

Still related to data mining, running machine learning will require a variety of data to be input. Various incoming data are then processed to become an action performed by the machine.

In the process to simplify this process, Python programming language is used.

5. Game development

Apparently, Python is also useful for developing the games you play. In Python, there is a program called GUI.

A graphical user interface (GUI) allows people to interact with a computer using visual elements such as icons or pictures instead of text-based commands.

This is what makes the game you play more attractive and challenging.

6. Python for fintech

The importance of Python is also reflected in fintech development. By using Python, applications and various features in fintech will be safer. In addition, because fintech requires fast operations, Python is used along with the ability to support it.

Learning Python Benefits

Learning python can expand global job market opportunities.

By learning python, one of the world’s top three programming languages, you have the chance to enter the world of work in this industry which is predicted to be the most popular, so that you can build a better career.

In fact, according to the Popularity Index of Programming Language (PYPL) created by analyzing the frequency of language tutorials searched on Google, python is the most popular programming language worldwide.

So if you want to make a career in another country, like Switzerland or Australia, learning python will give you a good chance of getting a job there. Wherever you want to work, adding python to your skill list could be your ticket to work anywhere.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Python?

The time it takes you to learn python beginner will depend on several factors, including your main goals for learning this programming language. For example, if you want to learn Python to automate certain tasks at work, you may be able to understand it more quickly.

On the other hand, if you want to learn Python in depth to get a job as a data analyst, it may take you longer. Here are some other factors that can affect how fast you can learn Python:

1. Prior programming experience: If you have written code before, you may be able to learn Python more quickly.

2. Learning methods: A course that is well structured according to your goals can speed up learning time.

3. Learning time: How much time you spend learning and practising Python also affects learning speed.

 It would help if you made time each day to study.

It takes about two to six months to learn the basics of Python. However, you can learn to write your first short program in minutes. Meanwhile, fully mastering Python can take months to years.

Python advantages

Adapting from, Python is a programming language that is considered easy to learn, even by beginners. The code contained in it is easy to read. It can easily perform many complex functions due to many standard libraries.

Disadvantages of Python

Even so, there are drawbacks to Python that are worth considering. This drawback is that it could be faster to run, especially for Android and iOS platform development. That is why the two operating systems were developed in different languages.

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