Top 10 Project Management Study Cases with Examples

The importance of case studies for businesses can’t be overstated in today’s competitive market.

Companies with a long track record of delivering successful projects have a unique opportunity to showcase their project management expertise through well-documented case studies. This can help them market their brand and attract new customers.

Case studies serve as powerful evidence of a company’s capabilities, showcasing its past performance and building customer trust in its future potential. They can also help foster long-lasting relationships with customers.

However, not all companies are successful in project management. This is why the demand for certified project management professionals is increasing.

If you’re looking to build a career in project management, obtaining a training certification can be a smart investment.

What is A Case Study?

A case study is an in-depth analysis of a real-world situation. It showcases the issues faced, solutions implemented, and results of a project.

Companies often use case studies during proposal phase, but also display them on their websites to demonstrate their capabilities to potential clients.

Case studies serve as an effective marketing tool, by telling a story about the methods and tactics used by an organization to achieve success.

Project Management Case Study Overview

Project management case studies highlight successful projects managed by an organization. They display the challenges faced, solutions applied, and final outcomes. Explore examples of successful case studies by continuing to read.

Top 15 Project Management Case Studies and Examples

Are you looking for some examples of PMP case studies? If yes, here are some of the best examples you can explore. Let’s dive in!

1. Mavenlink Helps Improve Utilization Rates by 15% for BTM Global

The Mavenlink case study highlights how BTM Global Consulting improved efficiency through resource management technology.

BTM, offering system development and integration services, faced challenges with limited customization options in tools like Netsuite OpenAir and Excel spreadsheets as they grew.

Switching to Mavenlink solved these issues, resulting in a 10% increase in company utilization and 15% enhancement in project manager utilization. Resource allocation work was also reduced from 4 hours to 10 minutes.

2. Boncom Reduces Billing Rate Errors by 100% With Mavenlink

Boncom, an advertising agency, partners with purpose-driven brands globally to create products. The problem was its reliance on multiple separate tools for client projects, which lacked sufficient operational capabilities.

By adopting Mavenlink, Boncom solved this issue and saw a 100% decrease in billing rate errors. Accurate forecasting became feasible and the company could generate reports faster.

3. whyaye! Reaches 80% Billable Utilization With Mavenlink

Whyaye, a digital transformation consultancy, offers IT transformation solutions to businesses across various industries. They faced a problem in managing projects and resources using traditional tools like email, PowerPoint, and Excel.

However, as the company grew, it became difficult to access project data and gain insights for effective management.

he solution was to adopt Mavenlink, which resulted in a 6% increase in utilization, double the number of new clients, a three-fold increase in company size, and smooth support for business growth.

4. Metova Increases Billable Utilization by 10% With Mavenlink

Metova, a technology firm and a Gold Partner of Microsoft and advanced consulting partner of AWS, provides a noteworthy case study for project planning.

The company faced a challenge in managing multiple projects due to its reliance on tools like Google Sheets, hindering the company’s growth potential.

To overcome this, Metova switched to Mavenlink. This resulted in a 10% increase in billable utilization, improved portfolio visibility, and standardization of their project management process.

5. Appetize Doubles Length of Forecasting Outlook With Mavenlink

Appetize is a top cloud-based POS, enterprise management, and digital ordering platform trusted by many businesses.

The company faced challenges with its outdated project tracking systems, as they could not keep up with the company’s growth and manual data analysis difficulties.

The solution was to adopt Mavenlink, leading to a 12-week increase in the forecast horizon, efficient company-wide scaling support, easy management of over 40 major projects, and integration with Salesforce for project implementation.

6. RSM Improves Client Satisfaction and Global Business Processes with Mavenlink

RSM is a tax, audit, and consulting firm offering a variety of professional services to clients in Canada and the United States.

The company faced a challenge with its outdated system, which lacked the features needed to support its complex projects and provide project trend insights.

The solution was to switch to Mavenlink, resulting in improved risk mitigation in tax compliance, enhanced client-team communication, standardized project creation, and optimized use of KPIs and project status.

7. CORE Business Technologies Increases Billable Utilization by 35% with Mavenlink

CORE Business Technologies is a well-known single-source vendor that provides self-service, in-person, and back-office processing solutions to clients, including SaaS-based payment solutions.

The company faced a challenge with its tools, such as spreadsheets, Zoho, and Microsoft Project, leading to a stressful work schedule due to numerous disconnected systems.

The solution was to adopt Mavenlink, resulting in a 50% improvement in team productivity, 100% time entry compliance, and a 35% increase in the billable utilization rate.

8. Client Success: Health Catalyst Improves Business Processes and Increases Consistency in Project Delivery with Mavenlink

Health Catalyst offers data and analytics services and technology to healthcare organizations. They support technicians and clinicians in the sector.

The company faced a challenge with project management tools like Intacct and spreadsheets, which lacked the necessary data insights and clarity for effective project management and resource management. T

he solution was to adopt Mavenlink, which led to improved resource forecasting, increased communication between departments, consistent project delivery, and more valuable resource data insights.

9. Client Success: Optimus SBR Improves Forecasting Horizon by 50% with Mavenlink

Optimus SBR is a leading professional service provider in North America. It offers the best results to companies operating in diverse sectors, including healthcare, energy, transportation, financial services, and more.

The challenge was that legacy software tools that the firm used gave rise to project management issues. The company was not able to get a real-time revenue forecast or gain insights into its future financial performance.

The solution that the company adopted was to switch to Mavenlink. The result was better data-driven hiring decisions, efficient delivery of remote work, and enhancement of the forecasting horizon by 50%.

10. Client Success: PlainJoe Studios Increases Projects Closing Within Budget by 50% With Mavenlink

PlainJoe Studios is a design studio specializing in digital and strategic storytelling. They have a team of strategists, architects, and problem solvers who create value for clients.

The company faced a challenge with manual processes hindering their growth and ability to effectively manage diverse projects, leading to a lack of clarity about project needs and profitability.

To address this, they switched to Mavenlink, which resulted in a 15% increase in billing rates, 50% improvement in completing projects within budget, improved data insights for project success, and a smoother transition to remote work.

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