Why a Career in Technology is a Smart Choice in Today’s Job Market

Career in technology, particularly in the field of data, is a highly promising prospect.

The field of data science and analytics is growing rapidly, driven by the increasing amount of data being generated and the need for organizations to make sense of it. Many industries are turning to data to inform their decision-making and drive their business strategies.

According to a report by the McKinsey Global Institute, the demand for data science and analytics roles is expected to grow by 28% by 2020. There is a shortage of qualified candidates to fill these roles, making it a great opportunity for those with the relevant skills.

Data-related roles such as data scientists, data engineers, data analysts and business intelligence analysts are in high demand, with salaries for these positions often being higher than average.

Additionally, the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning, which is closely related to data, is also growing rapidly and is expected to create 2.3 million jobs by 2020.

Reasons Why You Should Be A Tech-Master

Talking about the most suitable college majors in the digital era, it’s incomplete if you don’t discuss Information Technology majors. In increasingly rapid technological developments, computational science is essential to world civilization.

Almost all industrial sectors use digital technology. This means that informatics majors have promising prospects. Because apart from being involved in a company, you can start your own digital business.

In addition, there are several reasons why informatics majors are suitable as choices in the digital era.

1. Broaden up Job Prospects and High Salary

The development of information technology is increasingly sophisticated from time to time. Human power is starting to be replaced by robots or computers that can operate automatically.

In addition, the digital economy sector has begun to be worked on seriously. This is a promising prospect for students majoring in Information Technology.

Apart from being a programmer, informatics graduates can work as web designers, IT consultants, ERP software developers, etc. You can join a company or start your own business with your expertise.

In addition to broad and promising job prospects, the wages of workers in the informatics field are high. Because not everyone can carry out tasks in the information and communication technology field.

2. Always Learning New Things

As mentioned earlier, technological developments continue to evolve over time. That is, there are always new discoveries in the field of technology. This field does require not only an understanding of theory but also practice.

For this reason, you will learn many new things in the field of information technology. Besides improving skills, learning new things also increases your experience. Besides that, you can learn how to make applications that benefit the community.

3. Can Be A Side Job

Apart from being a permanent job, you can use skills in information technology for a side job. Those of you who are proficient in the IT field can become freelancers in the field of website development, web design, and so on.

Even though you have a status as a side job, your salary is quite significant because what you sell is an ability that not everyone has.

4. Informatics is the Science of the Future

From the beginning, it was mentioned that computational science would dominate in the future. All activities can be done quickly without having to move places.

The role of informatics experts is always needed for the future because it dramatically benefits human life. Therefore, this field always has jobs.

5. Great Opportunity to Start a Startup

Becoming a technopreneur or technology entrepreneur is a wise choice in today’s digital era. To become an entrepreneur in the technology field, computer knowledge is needed.

Through the information technology major, you will get the provisions to realize your dream as an entrepreneur.

The field of information technology is a field that never dies. In addition to promising prospects, this field has a very rapid development.

Every day, applications, games, or technology startups are born and significantly benefit people’s lives. Unsurprisingly, information technology majors are no less interested than other popular majors.

Career in Technology Profession Options

In 2018 the demand for workers with technological skills has doubled since 2015. Quoted from Top Universities, this increase was marked by the rate of job vacancies in the technology sector by 119 per cent.

In fact, amid the current global health crisis, the need for artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, data analytics, and cloud computing has increased in just seven months.

It is also predicted that the demand for careers in technology will not fade and will continue to grow. This is good news for students in the technology field because job opportunities are wide open.

1. Machine Learning Engineer

This particular branch of artificial intelligence (AI) is ideal for seconds who have a passion for computer science. In addition, this field is also suitable if you want a career in an industry that moves quickly and is enjoyable.

As an illustration, this work will use big data to create complex algorithms. The goal is to program machines to perform human-like tasks, such as self-driving cars or digital voice assistants.

So, for this career, you must have AI and/or computer science knowledge. In fact, it would be better if you have a master’s degree or complete education up to S-2 in the same field.

2. UX Designer

Working as a UX designer will focus more on ‘behind the scenes’ design. The UX Designer’s job is to ensure that software, websites or applications already have a plan or appearance that meets consumer needs.

That way, UX Designers must ensure that consumers get the best experience while using the digital platform provided.

Suppose you are interested in becoming a UX designer. In that case, you must have a relevant bachelor’s degree, such as in computer science. Remember to be equipped with a variety of professional experiences.

3. Robotics Engineers

With the rapid development of technology, jobs as robotics engineers will continue to be needed. Robotics engineers have the job of analyzing, evaluating, configuring, testing and maintaining prototypes, mechanical components, software and integrated machines built for the automotive manufacturing, mining and service industries.

4. Data Scientists

The demand for this work continues to grow every year. This is because data scientists have opportunities to work in almost every industry sector, from IT, entertainment, and manufacturing, to healthcare.

Data scientists have the responsibility to collect, process, analyze and present data for an organization so that they can make informed decisions.

The skills required for this job are, of course, related to data science and a strong understanding of science and analytics. A relevant postgraduate degree in computing and applied mathematics, data science, or e-science is also required.

5. Cloud Engineer

Recently, cloud computing has become a necessity for those who work remotely. Therefore, many companies employ experts with skills and knowledge in process immigration, implementing infrastructure, and performing tasks related to the cloud field.

As such, cloud engineers have responsibility for planning, monitoring, and managing an organization’s cloud systems, such as Google Cloud, Microsoft 365, and Slack.

As with previous job fields, cloud engineers also require knowledge and skills in computer science, scientific data management, robotics, adaptive computing and machine learning.

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