12 of the most popular programming languages

12 of the most popular programming languages

For those of you who are in the computer world, you must be familiar with the programming language. Moreover, if you are a developer, you must know very well about this. So what are the most popular programming languages ​​that have been studied? Here’s the review.

1. PHP

programming languages php

PHP stands for Hypertext Pre-Processor. This is a programming language that is widely used by developers in Indonesia.

This programming language has been chosen not only because it is free, but also because it is a server side scripting that is designed to build dynamic websites. The person who succeeded in developing this programming language is Rasmus Lerdorf.

Not long ago, to be precise in June 2020, PHP just released its newest version, which is version 7.4.7. Lots of websites that use PHP as the basis for their programming language. These sites include WordPress, Facebook, Youtube and Digg.

2. JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages ​​worldwide because it is used by many developers. This language was also able to survive in the first position for several years as the most popular programming language.

At least, in 2019, Statistics concluded that 67.8% of developers worldwide have used JavaScript as their programming language. JavaSript is also very suitable for use in building a web-based system because it is easy to learn.

3. Java

The next best programming language is Java. Java is a programming language that can be used on various platforms, both via PC and mobile. This programming language has the advantage that it can be run on different systems.

Java is also included in OOP, so programmers can easily create programs that are compiled using this programming language. Another advantage that Java offers is that it has a complete library which can also make it easier for a programmer.

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Many mobile phone applications now also use the Java programming language, because the arrangement is considered easier.

4. Python

In programming languages, Python is one of the most popular programming languages ​​and is at a fairly high level. Python is also a programming language that can be used to build web and mobile based applications.

Python language is quite easy to use for programmers who are beginners. This is because the language is easy to read using easy-to-understand syntax. So, it cannot be denied that many large companies use Python.

These big companies include Radio, Pinterest, and even Instagram, which have been loved recently. In addition, Python is also used by companies engaged in development, such as Yahoo !, Google and NASA.

5. Visual Basic

One of the programming languages ​​developed by Microsoft is Visual Basic. This programming language is deliberately designed to be able to create Windows-based software. Therefore, this programming language offers many visual ideas for creating software.

Many software developers choose to use Visual Basic in their development. In the end, this succeeded in making Visual Basic popular. In Indonesia, a Visual Basic Programming Language group has been formed which has more than twenty two thousand members.

6. C

In the 70s a programming language called C was successfully developed and it was quite popular. Most IT majors in colleges and institutions that have programming language courses also study C before studying anything else.

The C programming language is used as a basic language that must be learned before learning other programming languages. This is because C is considered the “father” of programming languages, such as Java, C #, C ++ and others.

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7. Rust

Some people may feel unfamiliar with Rust because it is still a new programming language. However, OverFlow Developer says that Rust is one of the most popular programming languages. This is because Rust is much sought after and used by developers.

This programming language was designed by the Mozilla Foundation. Its purpose is to avoid buffer overflows and any memory errors, including pointer dangling.

8. Kotlin

After the Rust programming language, Kotlin appears. Kotlin is released by JetBrains and is a highly sought-after programming language. The Kotlin language is fully Java run and without limitations.

This is because Kotlin works with the Java programming language. Because of this, Kotlin can perform very well using Java’s own libraries and frameworks.

9. Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is well-known as a programming language that is much sought after and used by companies large and small to develop their programs. Companies that use this language include Twitter, Basecamp and Shopify.

In addition, AirBnB and Groupun also use this one programming language. For beginners, it is recommended that before learning this language further to understand what Ruby is.

10. Go

If the Mozilla Foundation has succeeded in creating a programming language called Rust, it is different with Google. Google also succeeded in creating a programming language that was named quite simply, called Go.

Like C ++, Go is also classified as an efficient programming language. This is due to its ability to combine various aspects of the best functional programming and is more object-oriented.

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The projects that are under development are using Go, including Ethereum, Cryptozoic, and Kubernetes.

11. Swift

swift programming languages

Swift is one of the most popular and relatively new programming languages. This is because Swift was only introduced in 2014 by the Apple company. This programming language is deliberately designed to help a developer develop iOS applications.

Apart from the iOS application, Swift is also designed to help macOS applications in their development, so they can work faster. Swift itself is actually heavily influenced by other programming languages, such as Python and Ruby in terms of security, speed, and advantages.

Its popularity also continues to increase. There are 110 most popular applications on the App Store, many of which have used Swift, which is around 42% of applications. Therefore, many companies are eyeing Swift as their programming language.

12. TypeScript


TypeScript is a programming language that uses the JavaScript language. This programming language is also developed with a variety of additional features that are still new and added functions, so that this language becomes easier to use.

TypeScript and JavaScript have the same syntax. Therefore, TypeScript is classified as a programming language that is widely adopted by industry players.

Another advantage that this language offers is its functionality that can help software engineers build large-scale applications.

The essence of all development in an application actually depends on the programming language chosen. Even now, there are many kinds of programming languages ​​available. The list above is the most popular and best programming languages, so you want to learn which one?

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