The online DOC to PDF converter is a tool that uses a special algorithm to convert the DOC format into PDF format.  As circulating in everyday life online or commonly known as netizens, PDF format is commonplace every day.

Especially if you are accustomed to communicating using instant messaging such as WhatsApp, receiving information or conveying information usually uses the PDF document format.

PDF is the most widely used choice because it is easy and light in the reading process.

Advantages of PDF compared to other document formats (which are not widely known)

Here are the reasons why you should use PDF Format:

  • PDF files take up less storage space both on the computer and on the phone
  • Sensitive intuition such as a court of law prefers information in PDF only, as this format cannot be changed or edited, being very safe and trustworthy.
  • Even though it has been changed to PDF, the quality of the previous document is still maintained
  • PDF files that contain images, graphics and illustrations can be easily compressed with additional tools, the result can be many times smaller in size.

Online Document Conversion Services into PDF

Most people who are accustomed to playing with the PDF format usually use third party software, such as Foxit Reader, Adobe Reader, and so on. Which includes facilities to print into PDF format. But sometimes it is very inconvenient if we have to do an installation which is not a short process, starting from where we took the initiative to provide a list of 3 online conversion services to PDF. And this service you can use for free. Check out more:

1. DupliChecker

DupliChecker’s doc to pdf conversion service is one of the best available on our list. The conversion service here is free of charge. Quickly convert any Microsoft Office or OpenOffice file. Most people worry about content safety when sending any files to software like this. We can guarantee that this service is completely safe for you to use. Because this service guarantees that files that have been uploaded are automatically deleted when they have been converted. Thus, your data is safe.

You can use this tool to convert Word to PDF, as well as any other document format to PDF, from any device, be it PC, Mac, or or via your Android phone, because it works well even though it is accessed by various devices. Besides that, how to operate it is very easy. Just upload, convert, then you will be given a download link that was converted into a PDF file. Another great thing about the conversion service at Duplichecker is that you can use it to convert Word to PDF while preserving the original quality of the document. This tool allows fast and quality conversions.


2. SmallSEOTools

The interface is easy and simple to use, and of course free, you are free to use it without any restrictions. You can easily find them on the internet; very accessible. It doesn’t need to be installed or downloaded first, but it works fine when you have a good connection to the internet. Available in multiple languages.

Using this tool, you can convert Word to PDF without worrying about the original quality of the document. After you convert Word to PDF, download options are available on the screen. Just click to save the file on your system. There is also a feature to share via email or other platforms.


3. Doc To PDF Conversion Service from Google Docs

Just like the two tools previously described, this service is also free of charge. You don’t need to register to use it, the important thing is that you already have a previous gmail email. You can directly access this free Word to PDF tool and use it from anywhere. You can convert Word to PDF in a few seconds. Just upload your Word file, convert it to PDF, and then download. To be able to use it directly please go to google  docs



PDF files are clearly preferred over files from Microsoft Office, such as docx, excel and so on. From this it is clear, people who often use the PDF format for the need to disseminate information and receive information via the PDF file format certainly need a good quality PDF converter. The tools described above can convert Word files to PDF without paying a dime. It is fast in performance and the quality of the original file is maintained.

May be useful.