8 reasons why your cell phone battery drains quickly and how to fix it

The battery is the main power source for many portable devices such as cell phones. In order to be used repeatedly, the type of battery used by this device is rechargeable. Some older models of cellphone batteries can be removed and replaced if they are damaged. Meanwhile, currently many smartphones have adopted the non-removable battery feature.

Even though a cellphone has a large battery size (calculated in mAh), the battery life is not good yet. There are several causes for the cellphone battery to drain quickly, mainly due to several cellphone features or applications that continue to run behind the screen or the screen brightness level is too high.

The following are some of the causes of the cellphone battery draining quickly complete with how to overcome it so that battery power is better.

1. Screen Brightness Level Is Too High

When outside in a bright sunny room, sometimes we have to increase the brightness of our cellphone screen. The point is none other than so that we can read the screen easily. It turns out that this is one of the main reasons why the battery is draining faster.

Screen Brightness Level Is Too High

To minimize this, immediately reset our cellphone’s brightness level to the lowest possible (enough to be able to read the screen indoors) after outdoor activities are finished. If you don’t want to bother adjusting, just use the automatic screen brightness feature which will change according to the surrounding lighting conditions.

Another way that can be done to save battery power is to immediately turn off the cellphone screen after stopping using it.

2.WiFi Scanner Keeps Working

Generally, every smart phone is equipped with a WiFi feature to connect to the wireless network. Simply by activating the WiFi button in the network settings menu, our cellphone will work looking for available WiFi signals. Connecting to a WiFi network is a way to save our data quota.

If it turns out that no WiFi signal is found and we let the WiFi scanner continue to work, then it is not impossible that our cellphone battery runs out quickly. Therefore, immediately turn off the WiFi scanner if we don’t find a WiFi signal that can be used.

3. GPS On All Day

GPS that is constantly active can also be one of the reasons the cellphone battery runs out quickly. If this feature is not turned off, the system will continue to work to track the location where we are (when connected to the internet). This feature is very useful for some users so that it is activated all day long.

Some applications require GPS to work, such as Google Maps when we want to find a location. If this is not needed, be sure to turn off GPS and close the application.

4. Apps that keep running in the background

Apps that keep running in the background

Another cause of the cellphone battery draining quickly is the existence of applications that continue to run in the background without our knowledge. Not all applications that we have finished using and closed will just stop. Some of them continue their activities in the background for certain purposes.

We can find out which applications are using the most battery power by going to the battery settings (available on Android and iOS). There is information that shows applications that are running complete with the amount of battery power they have consumed.

In order to make the battery last longer, we can disable unnecessary applications that work in the background. If your cellphone has a built-in optimization feature, you can use it to maximize battery power.

5. Excessive use of battery draining apps and activities

Some entertainment applications such as video and music streaming can be very draining on battery power if used excessively. Likewise with playing graphic heavy games, if we use it too long, our cellphone battery can drain quickly. Meanwhile, an example of an activity that can drain a lot of battery if used excessively is tethering.

So, how do you make your cellphone battery more efficient? For example, if you want to read a news story or find information, you can read instead of watching a video. Also, avoid playing games for long periods of time, as apart from being able to drain power fairly quickly, it can also make the battery life decrease faster.

Excessive use of battery draining apps and activities

6. Weak Signal

The smartphone will use more power when trying to connect in low signal areas. If you can’t get a signal, it’s best to turn on airplane mode so that your phone doesn’t drain fast. Then restart the cellular connection when it is in an area with better signal coverage.

7. Software Is Not Up-To-Date

The problem of fast cellphone batteries can also be caused by outdated or out-of-date software. Updated software usually brings fixes for certain bugs which might be contributing to our cellphone battery life problems. If this is the case, you should immediately update the software to a newer version.

Note: new software updates on the smartphone can be checked manually via the update option in the settings menu.

8. Hardware Problems

Hardware problems are mainly caused by bad battery condition and faulty charger. If the battery life of our cellphone has exceeded the provisions, it is not impossible that the battery drain problem will continue to occur throughout the day.

In addition, chargers or chargers that are not functioning properly can also cause damage to the battery which ultimately affects its durability.

damaged battery

If these two things are the main cause of the cellphone battery draining quickly, then our best option is to replace the battery or charger with a new one. Some of today’s smartphone batteries cannot be removed by ourselves, so it must be done by an expert at a service center.

The most important thing here is to use replacement products or original accessories so that quality is guaranteed. Even though original products are always sold more expensive, what you get can match the desired expectations.

Those are some of the reasons the cellphone or smartphone battery runs out quickly plus how to fix it. The case above occurs differently for each cellphone user, so it’s unlikely that everything will happen simultaneously on one device.

If the above problems have been fixed but the cellphone battery is still draining, the best solution is to replace the cellphone with a new unit. Instead of having to spend a lot of money on prolonged repairs, isn’t buying a new one better and more economical?