8 advantages of Ubuntu Compared with Windows

The Windows operating system, especially Windows 10, has indeed been known as a good desktop operating system and is also used by many people. Unfortunately, Windows users already know that this operating system has several problems. Such a confusing privacy setting.

With this problem, an operating system called ubuntu or commonly known as Ubuntu Linux emerged. Ubuntu 15.10 releases a usable evolution upgrade. Although not completely perfect, Ubuntu which is based on the Unity desktop is completely free to use.

here we have summarized for you 8 advantages of ubuntu compared to windows:

In terms of appearance and costs

1. Live Tiles

Live tiles are an interesting concept in themselves rather than offering static image icons for apps. This is one of the advantages of Ubuntu compared to Windows. This makes an attraction for the Ubuntu operating system to be used by some people.

2. Free

The advantage of Ubuntu, which is released by Linux, is that the license is free. Compared to Windows, which requires a price range of around Rp. 3 to Rp. 5 million for one license.

This Ubuntu version of Linux is the right choice for those of you who don’t want to spend money on an operating system. If you use Linux, you are free from pirated operating systems, software cracks, patches, and so on.

Virus immunity and a more complete application

3. More Virus Resistance

Another advantage of Ubuntu which is owned by the GNU / Linux based operating system is that the security from viruses is relatively better. Of course this does not rule out that this operating system can be infected with a virus.

However, the risk of being exposed to a virus is arguably very small because the Linux operating system runs with tight security, such as requiring users to become administrators to run certain programs, execute certain code and various other things.

4. Complete Default Application

The next advantage of ubuntu is that the default application is quite complete. The GNU / Linux Ubuntu operating system in general will provide a fairly complete application bundle after we install it.

In fact, if you want an operating system with special objectives such as penetration testing, the required applications may have been installed from the start so you don’t need to prepare additional applications anymore.

In addition, everyday applications such as office or office applications, multimedia, archiving and various other things are relatively complete.

Varied Driver and Capable Software Center

5. Driver Relatively Complete

The fifth advantage of ubuntu is a fairly complete driver presentation. Apart from applications, sometimes drivers that cannot be installed properly make us hampered from doing our daily work. However, you don’t need to worry about this because the Ubuntu Linux operating system has driver support that is growing and broader.

In other words, you don’t need to worry if the installed drivers can’t be used to run the hardware you have and so on, because Ubuntu can handle all of that through the Linux kernel as well as other GNU / Linux operating systems.

6. Relatively Capable Software Center

Apart from the above advantages, one of the advantages of Ubuntu as an operating system is that it has a relatively capable software center. This software center allows us to install applications easily and quickly, like a special Linux application download site.

With the development of Linux manager software such as Flatpack, the use of a software center makes it easier for us to find applications that match what we need and do not require a long time to install.

Attractive User Interface and Superior Security

7. Refreshing User Interface

The advantage of this one might be felt by those of you who have been using one operating system for a very long time and don’t often change with other operating systems.

The Ubuntu interface can be one of the displays that makes us fresh because of the good use of letters, icons, and so on and can also be changed according to your taste and is one of the differences between Linux and Windows.

8. Have Superior Security

The last advantage of ubuntu is that it has superior security compared to other operating systems. Linux has superior security because it has limited access rights, which means that the opening to a Linux system is very minimal.

For example, when you want to install an application, you need an online repository. Even though it can be offline, it’s very rare for nosy people to create viruses in Linux application extensions.

This is the advantage of Linux Ubuntu over Windows. The reason is, the Windows OS security is not perfect enough. Windows are often infiltrated by viruses by exe extension files that are freely downloaded on a website.