5 Linux Distros Suitable for Beginners

There are many variants of linux distribution that can be tried. Maybe it can be an advantage for some people because they have many options or options that can be tried. But for some people, this can sometimes be confusing, especially for beginners or those who are just planning to migrate from Windows to GNU / Linux.

Now in this article I will summarize some linux distributions that beginners can try. And of course what we will discuss here is the beginner linux distribution for the Desktop, not for server purposes.

1. Ubuntu

Ubuntu 20.04 Download Link & Top Features (Updated) - OMG! Ubuntu!

If you ask in the forums what GNU / Linux distro is suitable for beginners, surely the majority will suggest you to install Ubuntu (and also Ubuntu derivatives). This is not without reason. Ubuntu is an operating system with a very user friendly interface, even Windows users will feel familiar. UX is also not confusing, the menus are clear.

The second reason to choose a distro that is suitable for beginners is popularity. Because Ubuntu is a fairly popular operating system, community support is also greater. Even ordinary people who are new to GNU / Linux can easily find topics about problems on internet forums. So if you yourself are still “blind” to the Linux operating system, don’t immediately use an OS that is less popular in order to be called anti-mainstream because when there are problems you will be in trouble.

Because of the popularity of Ubuntu, there are many derivative variants of Ubuntu. There are also major Ubuntu derivatives that use different desktops such as Kubuntu using KDE Plasma, Xubuntu using XFCE, Lubuntu using LXDE, etc. Even the forerunner of Kali Linux, BackTrack, is also a derivative of Ubuntu. Another Ubuntu derivative that is quite popular is Linux Mint.

Website: https://ubuntu.com/

2. Linux Mint

Linux Mint 19.1 Cinnamon Release Notes - Linux Mint

This Debian and Ubuntu-based distro is also one of the most popular distributions. Even according to data on DistroWatch (when this article was written) its popularity beat Ubuntu and Debian.

This distro is perfect for beginners because of its easy interface and easy installation method. And once again, the popularity of this distribution also makes the support from the Linux Mint user community very large. So if you are new to GNU / Linux, don’t hesitate to try Linux Mint because when a problem occurs or an error the answer you are looking for is likely to be found on internet forums.

Website: https://linuxmint.com/

3. Manjaro


The reason I included Manjaro here is not without reason. This distro offers an extraordinary experience from the Arch Linux operating system but is more user friendly because Manjaro provides a graphical installer and a fairly varied desktop environment. So installing Manjaro means you can enjoy rolling release distributions and abundant applications in the AUR. This distro is also quite popular and has a lot of users.

Website: https://manjaro.org/

4. Zorin OS

5 Linux Distros Suitable for Beginners

Zorin OS is an Ubuntu derivative distrothat’s also suitable for beginners. The appearance of Zorin OS itself is indeed made similar to Windows so that beginners or users who have just migrated from Windows feel familiar. Yes, this distribution is designed to introduce GNU / Linux to ordinary people or new users who think GNU / Linux is a difficult OS.

Zorin also have lite edition that can run on old computer. Read this article for more information >> Fastest and Lightweight Linux Distro For Old Computer

Website: https://zorinos.com/

5. Elementary OS

5 Linux Distros Suitable for Beginners

If you are looking for a beginner-friendly distro with a MacOS-like appearance, then you should give Elementary OS a try. This Ubuntu derivative distro is functionally made similar to MacOS, for example the application launcher uses the dock located below. The distro that uses DE Pantheon is quite stable so it is suitable for beginners.

Website: https://elementary.io/

Okay maybe that’s a list of linux distros for beginners. Do you have anything to add?