How to Delete Files and Folders Using Command Prompt (CMD)

How to Delete Files and Folders Using Command Prompt (CMD)

Command Prompt or abbreviated as CMD is a Windows terminal which is now very efficient in opening important data or files. The function of the Command Prompt (CMD) is to be able to find out the ins and outs of a Windows system, one of which can delete important files and folders in your directory. Well, this time the author will provide a very easy bit of knowledge about how to delete files and folders using CMD. Here’s how. EASY WAYS TO DELETE FILES AND FOLDERS USING COMMAND PROMPT (CMD) 1. Simultaneously press the Windows + R (Run) keys on your laptop keyboard . Then type CMD and click OK. … Read more

Learn Coding for Beginners


With so many digital things nowadays, coding has become one of the most talked about skills lately. There are many newly established coding schools with the aim of teaching children ages 13 and older who are interested in learning coding. In addition, there are many seminar programs and weekend classes that are open to people who are already working but also want to learn coding.   Actually, you can also learn about coding at home. There are many websites out there that provide learning material. Before we discuss further, let’s first discuss what is coding and what needs to be … Read more

IT Support Job Desk & Skill, What You Need To Know!

IT Support Job Desk & Skill

All IT-related professions are becoming increasingly trendy these days. It is not surprising to see that there are so many job vacancies that are opened, mostly related to IT, especially during the pandemic. One of the most sought after professions is IT support. Those of you who are interested in registering need to understand IT support job desk skills . By knowing the job desk and specific skills, you will be able to complete all the tasks that are your responsibility. This position is very important for a company. Some activities that require IT support are computer companies, WiFi, LCD, and so on. You can find all information … Read more

How to Edit Photo Background Online

How to Edit Photo Background Online

For large companies, the job of editing background photos may be given to professional designers to create attractive product photos . However, for those of you who are beginners or only have a minimal budget , you should edit photo backgrounds online through the website . Editing background photos through the website is much easier than having to use Photoshop applications and the like. You also don’t need to install the program and only need to visit the site . How to Edit/Change/Remove Photo Background Online Here are some ways to edit photo backgrounds online with the best websites : 1. Remove Image Background … Read more

How to Organize a Successful Event: Helpful Tips

How to Organize a Successful Event

A bright event is something that will give you and your guests a lot of positive emotions, whether it’s a birthday, a wedding, or just a meeting of old friends. Organizing a good event is not difficult — just follow the tips we will tell you about. Create a beautiful invitation One of the most important steps in planning an event is to create a colorful invitation that will make guests want to attend. If you’re out of ideas and are not good at design, you can use the invitation templates on VistaCreate. You can definitely find something you’re interested … Read more

Understand the Concept of the Customer Journey

Understand the Concept of the Customer Journey

Understand the Concept of the Customer Journey to Keep Your Business Existing. Understanding a customer’s mind can be very challenging. There are times when sellers feel they have taken their wants and needs into account, but then new technologies, preferences, and new trends emerge. Every process of buying something that is done by a customer does not just happen, but there is a process of travel or experience in such a way. According to the Baymard Institute, by 2021 nearly 70% of people who shop online leave their carts. Why do so many people spend hours choosing a product only to abandon … Read more

Understand the Clickbait Concept, Uses, and Effects

Understand the Clickbait Concept, Uses, and Effects

In the last three years, the clickbait method has been widely used to attract the attention of the audience. This method will make the audience curious about the information provided. When it succeeds in bringing the audience’s curiosity, it means the content created is successful. If the content that we create is successful, then the marketing strategy applied will bring benefits. Not only content, in terms of website traffic, it will automatically achieve high traffic because too many users are accessing it. Especially in today’s online condition. All things can be made with the clickbait method. What exactly is clickbait? Don’t … Read more

how to add space between “li” elements using CSS?

how to add space between elements using CSS?

How to create space between list bullets and text in HTML? How do you put a space between two Li in CSS? how to add space between <li> elements using CSS? That question will be answered in this article. Check this out. How to add space between list items using CSS To add space between list items using CSS, you can use the margin property. For example: li { margin: 10px; } This will add a margin of 10 pixels around each list item. If you only want to add space between the list items (not around them), you can … Read more

8 Proven Tips to Avoid Plagiarism in Your Content

8 Proven Tips to Remove Plagiarism in Your Content

Does plagiarism catch you? Or are you struggling to make your work free of plagiarism? In either case, this article is going to help you immensely! Plagiarism is crucial to consider while writing articles, blogs, assignments, thesis, or research papers. Right? Well, if you practice a few tips like using the rewriter tool while writing your content, it will make your work free of plagiarism. To explore other tips, keep on reading! 8 Most Helpful Tips to Make your Content Plagiarism-free in 2022 1. Don’t start writing on the last date An important tip to avoid plagiarism in your writing … Read more

How to Find Out the Motherboard Model on a Windows PC/Laptop

Find Out the Motherboard Model on Windows Computer

The motherboard (mainboard) is the main foundation of the computer unit that controls all the functions of the computer system. Motherboard is a circuit board (Printed Circuit Board | PCB) that accommodates many computer components such as CPU, memory , graphics card , sound card , video card, network card and so on. On the motherboard, all computer components are placed, connected to each other and communicate through slots, connectors or sockets. In PCs, the motherboard is attached to the side of the case via small screws. The motherboard has ports for connecting all internal components, a socket for the CPU and one or more card slots for video … Read more

How to Find MAC Address In Windows 10 and 11

How to Find MAC Address In Windows 10

Every device that is part of a computer network has at least one unique hardware ID called a Media Access Control address (MAC address). This MAC address is assigned and attached to the network adapter during the creation process. If your device has more than one network updater or LAN connection such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi, FDDI, Bluetooth or Token Ring, then each LAN connection has a different MAC address. MAC address is a number or unique identification code to identify each device on a computer network. MAC addresses are composed of 6 2-digit hexadecimal numbers, separated by colons. MAC address is also often referred … Read more

Find Symbol or Special Character on a Windows Computer

Find Symbol or Special Character on a Windows Computer

How to Find Symbols/Characters on Windows Computers/Laptops  – What if we are going to find for Symbols on a computer? This trick may be familiar to you who are computer experts and even very easy, but for some computer users who don’t understand this it may be difficult to find it, because on the keypad these symbols are not provided completely. On the computer keypad, the symbols available are a little limited, not all displayed, unlike on Android gadgets or devices, all available in one on-screen screen (touchscreen). Basically symbol charakter in the computer even more complete and very adequate … Read more