Understand the Clickbait Concept, Uses, and Effects

In the last three years, the clickbait method has been widely used to attract the attention of the audience.

This method will make the audience curious about the information provided.

When it succeeds in bringing the audience’s curiosity, it means the content created is successful.

If the content that we create is successful, then the marketing strategy applied will bring benefits.

Not only content, in terms of website traffic, it will automatically achieve high traffic because too many users are accessing it.

Especially in today’s online condition.

All things can be made with the clickbait method.

What exactly is clickbait? Don’t worry, in this article, we will thoroughly explore the concepts, uses, effects, and advantages and disadvantages.

What is Clickbait

In the past, before the rapid development of technology as it is today, people seeking information were generally done through print media such as newspapers and magazines.

But now, after the rapid development of technology, the current generation is more inclined to like information that is audio and visual.

Most of the information conveyed through audio-visual media is packaged as attractively as possible so that the reader will dissolve and be persuaded to stick to the information.

It is not only made as attractive as possible, but also presents titles that are hyperbolic or exaggerating, making curious, to confusing.

That’s called the clickbait method.

As the name suggests, clickbait is a method used to attract an audience with the aim of enticing people to click on the displayed content.

The more the number of clicks made by the user, it means the content created with clickbait is very successful.

The use of this method is not carelessly used by authors or content creators.

Why? This is because writers or content creators have to think of ideas on how to make the content that is created attract attention.

Plus it can manipulate or cause emotions so that readers can’t miss the title of the content created.

Clickbait content is usually intentionally different.

Or it can be said to be a little deviant.

However, don’t worry, deviating here doesn’t mean the content contains bad things.

Deviating here the context is different from the others. They just want to attract attention and build the reader’s curiosity about the content.

How can we know that the content is clickbait? Well, there are some characteristics of this method itself.

If you feel that you find characteristics like the following, it means that the content you are reading uses this method, including:

  • Interesting title and arouse high curiosity
  • The number of words used is less than usual
  • Using funny or memorable pictures/videos like memes
  • Can evoke certain emotions such as a sense of humor

In carrying out a marketing strategy, companies will generally need clickbait content.

This content will later help in increasing the traffic of a website.

Understand the Clickbait Concept

Advantages and Disadvantages of Clickbait

Actually clickbait content will be profitable for writers and companies.

For writers, when readers like and are interested in the title of the content, it means that the content created has succeeded in attracting readers to read the content.

As for companies, every reader who is interested in accessing the content or clicking on the content will automatically increase website traffic.

When website traffic is high, it means the website has been successfully turned on and is useful for the public.

However, excessive use is also not good.

Therefore, let’s know what are the advantages and disadvantages of this method.

Advantages of Clickbait

The use of click-bait content until now has many pros and cons.

Whether the use of this method is allowed or not if it is applied to a content.

Mainly, the advantage of using this method is that it can increase the Click-Through-Rate (CTR) .

Click-bait content can certainly contain click-bait titles as well.

This is done so that the audience is interested or has the potential to click on the content.

When more and more viewers click on the content created, it will automatically increase the Click-Through-Rate (CTR).

In theory, a high CTR will be considered that the content created is in accordance with the needs of the audience.

Of course a high CTR will have a good impact on the website, namely placing the website on the top ranking in search results or related searches on search engines like Google.

However, from the company side, especially the marketing division, clickbait is indeed very useful, such as:

  • Can generate high website traffic
  • Clickbait content will have an impact on subsequent content creation so that it can add a lot of views (page views)
  • Improve company brand
  • The company’s social media is better known to the public
  • Potential to increase ad revenue

Lack of Clickbait

It has been said above that using excessive clickbait methods will have a bad impact on the company or the author.

One of the main drawbacks is the Bounce Rate problem.

Content that contains click-bait elements, has the potential to cause a high bounce rate on a website or blog.

Why so? This is because the bounce rate value is obtained based on how long the reader has been accessing the content.

What do you mean? For example, you are interested in a content title, then you access it.

While reading, you realize that the title and content of the content are irrelevant. So you immediately leave the page without completing the content.

This can lead to a loss of credibility for the company.

Isn’t it scary for a company to be branded badly by customers or readers just because of this overly click-bait title?

Not only the loss of credibility but also can make it difficult for the business to run so that it affects the company’s image.

“Does clickbait have a bad impact on search engines like Google?”

Of course there is, when the bounce rate of a website is high, Google will indicate that the website does not match the user’s search.

So Google will put the website to the bottom.

In addition to the above, from the company’s perspective, especially the marketing division, excessive click-bait will have a negative impact on the company, such as:

  • Losing self esteem
  • Loss of loyalty given by consumers
  • Both the reputation of the company and the brand are bad in the eyes of the public
  • Potential to be at the bottom of the search results in search engines.

Clickbait Content Examples

Understand the Clickbait Concept, Uses, and Effects

Okay, now we will explain how the form of click-bait content has an impact on both companies and writers.

Keep in mind that click-bait content or titles have the concept of attracting attention, persuading, generating curiosity, and using emotion when read by the reader.

For example the content title “Just 1 Click You Can Make a Website Directly Without Coding, Just Try It!”.

What is your first impression when you read or hear a title like the one above? Of course you are curious.

So you want to click and read more about the content.

At first you will think “Is it true that you can make a website without coding with just 1 click?”.

Because of high curiosity, you have unconsciously drifted into the clickbait method that is applied to the content.

So that’s an example of a click-bait title on a piece of content.

Oh yes, answering the question “Is it true that you can make a website without coding with just 1 click?”, specifically at DomaiNesia you can build a website with just one click, you know.

Interested in Creating Clickbait Content?

Already understand how click-bait content is? Interested in using it as a marketing strategy?

Of course you can try it. If it brings a good impact such as high traffic and increasing page views, for further content you can use this method.

However, if it has an unfavorable impact, you should not use excessive clickbait.

This is because the context of clickbait is too excessive, it has the potential to reduce the company’s image in the eyes of users.