Apple Rumored to Have a Year-End Special Surprise, What Is It?

In less than one month, we will enter the end of 2020.

After releasing various new products, Apple reportedly still has one more surprise for fans.

The news was delivered by one of Apple’s leaker accounts on Twtter which is quite popular, @ L0vetodream on Sunday (15/11).

In his upload, he wrote that Apple would give a surprise at Christmas.

“You will have a Christmas surprise from Apple,” wrote @ L0vetodream.

He also gave a little leak, that this surprise will suit winter.

It’s still unclear what the surprise meant. Whether it’s a new product or a special promo.

If you look at last year’s Christmas, Apple presents a 6% cash back promo for Apple Card users .

It could be, Apple will again offer a similar promo with a larger nominal.

However, it is also possible that Apple will launch a new product again.

Yep, currently there are still two devices that Apple hasn’t released yet , namely AirTags and AirPods Studio .

In fact, rumors regarding the two devices have been heard throughout 2020.

Finally, analyst Jon Prosser said that AirTags has finished production and is ready to launch.

Several leaked photos of the device have also been circulating on social media.

As for AirPods studio , its presence was revealed through the code in the iOS 14.3 beta update.

So, let’s just wait for what surprises Apple will give at the end of the year.

In your opinion, what will Apple present ? (*)