Best NFT Reviews by Collectible To

If you are interested in the topic of the latest NFT stuff, we are ready to introduce this below! Look through the list to get acquainted with some of the coolest offers:

  • World Save Ukraine. As you can guess, it is a rather relevant NFT collection. It is a charity project with more than 200 artists who joined it;
  • Reli3f. This one also revolves around the same topic as the previous one. They managed to raise 1 million dollars by the way!
  • Our NFT reviews just cannot deal without other cool stuff with the apes. This has really become a vital part of the NFT world already! One of the newest collections is called Apes in Space and it is the year 2203…
  • Paladin Penguin Club. “Cute” is the best word that can characterize this collection. Once you look through it, you will see how much effort and work it is all about;
  • Never Fear Truth. We could not but mention this one as long as it is the project developed by Johnny Depp! The release date is May 2022. It is going to be something incredible! By the way, drawing is a secret hobby of this actor.