6 Best Website Uptime Monitoring Services

Having your own website is important for business owners. Today almost all business owners have their own website. That way you can more freely promote and display all your products on the website that you have. Currently, consumers also tend to prefer online shops that do have their own websites or online shops on e-commerce platforms that are already popular among the public.

A Professional Website is a Maintained Website

For online shop owners, of course you have to think about how to manage your business website. Because to manage a website, it must be done by someone who has expertise in that field.

Although there are currently many platforms that provide free monitoring tools that you can use, to make you a professional business owner and create a website according to your business concept , you need to hire a web programmer.

Managing a website is not just a matter of design, of course you don’t want to deal with website downs and others that can hinder the running of your business.

The Best Website Uptime Monitoring Tools

Talking about monitoring tools, here are some of the best website monitoring services that you can consider before you use website monitoring services. The good news is that you can get some of this web monitoring for free. 6 Best Website Uptime Monitoring Services :

1. Freshping

6 Best Website Uptime Monitoring Services

If you are just starting your business and looking for tools for free monitoring you can use Freshping. You can even enjoy the free plan for life. Freshping will monitor your location in 10 different locations around the world, one of which is Singapore.

Interestingly, you will also get 50 monitoring checks at 1 minute intervals and a 6 month log, which means you can see the average uptime of your website from the last 6 months.

2. Hetrixtools

6 Best Website Uptime Monitoring Services

Hetrixtools was formed in 2015 which aims to provide convenience for webmasters with a set of tools for monitoring that are made simple and efficient. This platform also provides tools for free monitoring. In addition, Hetrixtools also provides free 32 blacklist monitors with a checkup frequency every 24 hours.

3. StatusCake 


Statuscake is a monitoring service platform that provides free access. This platform has a friendly and attractive dashboard UI , besides that Status Cake provides page speed monitoring features that you won’t get from other free services.

4. Site 24×7

Site 24×7

Site 24×7 is one of the tools for monitoring that can be called very powerful. This platform is not only for monitoring website uptime, but Site 24×7 offers many interesting features, including providing web application monitoring services using real browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera Mini and others.

In addition, this platform will also provide instant downtime alerts directly to your email. There are many more benefits that you can get if you use Site24x7. However, you have to spend a budget if you want to use this platform.

5. Pingdom


Pingdom is known as the best and most popular monitoring tool for e-commerce owners. This platform has a well-known page speed test, namely Google Pagespeed Insight or GTMetrix. This platform is also not free, you have to pay to enjoy all the interesting services offered by pingdom.

Pingdom will provide notifications to your email or via SMS when your website is down and when your website is up again. Pingdom offers Transaction Monitoring, of course, this one feature is needed by e-commerce owners because this feature lets you know the flow of your customers.

6. Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot is a free tool used to monitor websites . It monitors your websites every 5 minutes and alerts you if your sites are down. Get alerted via e-mail, SMS, Twitter, push, Slack, HipChat and now OnPage through WebHooks. Get 50 monitors with 5-minute checks totally FREE.

A Running Website Makes Business Thrive

Those are 6 Best Website Uptime Monitoring Services that you can use. If you are a novice businessman, maybe you can use a free platform. However, if your business is already running or you want your business to grow more broadly, maybe you should include the cost of website monitoring services in your budget list.