Cheat Age Of Empires 2 [Complete]

This time we will share Cheat Age Of Empires 2. Where we think games like this always have their own fun when using cheats, besides the cheats are also Halal. because it was prepared directly by the developer for the benefit of the wider community.

Playing Strategy Game genres is not only time-consuming but also brain-draining, but for Strategy game lovers, of course, this is the attraction, for example in the Age Of Empires 2 game which just got its latest version which was just released last year 2019.

Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition, which is the latest title remastered to HD, also turns out to still be able to use a similar cheat from the original version, so we have also prepared this cheat for you lovers of Strategy games but don’t want to think, bro.

How to Use Cheats on Age Of Empires 2

Just like you play other RTS games, when in the game you just enter type mode by pressing ENTER – then enter the cheat you want – Example: ENTER – ROCK ON – ENTER, your cheat will automatically be active, in Single mode Players of course.

But it needs to be underlined, for the latest Age of Empires 2 using Cheats will reduce you to get Achievment brott, so for those of you who like to collect Achievment of course Cheat is one barrier for you.

Cheat Age Of Empires 2:

  • Added 1000 Stones – ROCK ON
  • Adding 1000 Wood – LUMBERJACK
  • Added 1000 Gold – ROBIN HOOD
  • Added 1000 Food – CHEESE STEAK JIMMY’S
  • Reveal Map – MARCO
  • Remove Shadow (Displays the enemy so that the enemy can be seen anywhere) – POLO
  • Build very fast – AEGIS
  • Moving animals except birds – NATURAL WONDERS
  • Give Up – RESIGN
  • Suicide (Destroying yourself) – WIMPYWIMPYWIMPY
  • Spawning Villager Putuh from the Town Center who can run really fast but can’t build and attack like a normal villager – I LOVE THE MONKEY HEAD
  • create Cobra car– HOW DO YOU TURN THIS ON
  • Killing Enemies in order of numbers – TORPEDO#
  • (number order)Making a Petard – TO SMITHEREENS
  • Destroy all enemies – BLACK DEATH
  • Win the game I – R WINNER
  • Removing a monkey or a magic monkey only 3-4 times at a time the castle is destroyed but not immune and runs slowly- FURIOUS THE MONKEY BOY

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