Facing Spotify and Apple Music, Google Prepares New YouTube Music Features

Competition in music streaming apps is getting tougher. The biggest players today are Spotify and Apple Music. To face competition, Google is reportedly developing many features for YouTube Music.

These new features are likely to be launched in the near future. One of them allows users to share the song they are listening to on their Instagram or Snapchat account.

Even though it’s not officially available yet, it’s already visible on the YouTube Music app if the user has Snapchat or Instagram installed on an Android device.

Launching from Phone Arena, Sunday (11/15/2020), in the latest YouTube Music update, users can find the ‘share’ feature to share on Instagram Stories and Snapchat Stories.

Thanks to this feature, Instagram then presents an integrated link to YouTube Music. This means that if other users see the song’s posts shared on Instagram Stories, they will immediately be directed to YouTube Music.

Apart from that, YouTube Music will also offer a Year in Review playlist, a feature that makes users reminisce about the top songs that have been listened to throughout the year.

Similar features are already available in the Spotify and Apple Music applications. And this, too, will certainly be welcomed by YouTube Music users, because for 2 years since its launch, this feature is not yet available.