How to Download YouTube Videos to Gallery Without Application

How to Download YouTube Videos to Gallery Without an Application

Not a few people have done how to download YouTube videos , even though YouTube also offers users to download and save the videos in the application. Currently, YouTube is a platform that is often used by many people to search for videos to songs. It is not uncommon for many YouTube users to upload their works to this platform. With so much interesting content, many people are still asking how to save YouTube videos . There are two ways that can be used, first the user can save the video in the collection column then there will be a download menu. This way users can save them and watch videos … Read more

Facing Spotify and Apple Music, Google Prepares New YouTube Music Features

Facing Spotify and Apple Music, Google Prepares New YouTube Music Features

Competition in music streaming apps is getting tougher. The biggest players today are Spotify and Apple Music. To face competition, Google is reportedly developing many features for YouTube Music. These new features are likely to be launched in the near future. One of them allows users to share the song they are listening to on their Instagram or Snapchat account. Even though it’s not officially available yet, it’s already visible on the YouTube Music app if the user has Snapchat or Instagram installed on an Android device. Launching from Phone Arena, Sunday (11/15/2020), in the latest YouTube Music update, users … Read more

YouTube Rewind 2020 is canceled, here’s the reason

YouTube Rewind 2020 is canceled, here's the reason

YouTube Rewind, a year-end award for content creators, or video moments and trends should be eliminated this year. The YouTube Official Account has confirmed that they have canceled YouTube Rewind 2020. Some of us may be waiting for the moment and enthusiastic about YouTube Rewind at the end of the year. This is the first time Rewind has gone off since YouTube started their annual celebration in 2010. Since ten years ago, YouTube Rewind has been held every year and has drawn various reactions, including support and slurs. YouTube has issued a statement acknowledging that “2020 has been different” and … Read more