YouTube Rewind 2020 is canceled, here’s the reason

YouTube Rewind, a year-end award for content creators, or video moments and trends should be eliminated this year. The YouTube Official Account has confirmed that they have canceled YouTube Rewind 2020.

Some of us may be waiting for the moment and enthusiastic about YouTube Rewind at the end of the year.

This is the first time Rewind has gone off since YouTube started their annual celebration in 2010.

Since ten years ago, YouTube Rewind has been held every year and has drawn various reactions, including support and slurs.

YouTube has issued a statement acknowledging that “2020 has been different” and they felt it was inaccurate to actually release YouTube Rewind.

The 2016 edition has received quite a bit of attention after gaining more than 239 million views. But the 2018 edition is also quite bad after receiving more than 18 million Dislike from the YouTube community itself.

“2020 has been different. And it didn’t feel right when we made it. Therefore, we decided to take a break not to make Rewind this year. We know a lot of good things are happening in 2020. You have found a way to support people, help them cope. problems and make them laugh. You have made this difficult year better, “wrote the official caption from YouTube.

Posting official information via Twitter immediately received more than 21 thousand Retweets and 160 thousand Likes. The year 2020, which YouTube felt was inappropriate to release Rewind, received various responses.

There are netizens and influencers who support YouTube’s decision, but there are those who regret it.

“You (YouTube) support us in many ways !! We all really understand !!” @lelepons comments.

“As hard as 2020 (and certainly tragic for many), we’ve seen an outpouring of creativity on the @Youtube platform. Thanks to all @YouTubeCreators for all of the diversion, education, information and learning during 2020,” said @saylordotorg.

“Wow! I don’t agree. The year 2020 is different. But you have to keep Rewind. Come on, there are still many positive things,” said JerryRigEverything @ZacksJerryRig.

“@YouTube, this is the worst thing that ever happened,” said @Dream.

The company has yet to announce whether YouTube Rewind will return in 2021. Given that 2020 has been a difficult year for some, the decision to remove YouTube Rewind provoked a lot of reaction on Twitter.