How to Download YouTube Videos to Gallery Without Application

Not a few people have done how to download YouTube videos , even though YouTube also offers users to download and save the videos in the application. Currently, YouTube is a platform that is often used by many people to search for videos to songs. It is not uncommon for many YouTube users to upload their works to this platform.

With so much interesting content, many people are still asking how to save YouTube videos . There are two ways that can be used, first the user can save the video in the collection column then there will be a download menu. This way users can save them and watch videos for free without using up their quota for 30 days.

The disadvantage of downloading this way is that users cannot download every video on this platform. This has been regulated by the content creator not to activate the download column in his personal YouTube channel. In addition, the video is not saved to the user’s gallery.

For YouTube users who want to save videos in this streaming application , many features have been provided such as the Watch Later menu so that they can create playlists for interesting videos. However, when watching videos using this feature, you are still subject to internet quota charges.

The way that is often used to save videos from YouTube to the cellphone gallery is to download them at . This method does not require an application other than an internet browser and YouTube. This web service provides a YouTube video converter in various formats.

The first thing to do is to open the YouTube application, then find the video to download. After getting the video to be downloaded, the user can press the three vertical dot icon at the top right corner of the video. After that, you can press the Share menu, then press the Copy Link menu.

When the video link has been copied, users can immediately visit the internet browser used, then go to . After that copy the link into the search box provided and press the convert button. Users can wait a few moments until a thumbnail of the YouTube video appears to be downloaded. The formats that can be selected are MP4, WEBM, and 3GP. In addition, you can choose from resolutions ranging from 360p to 720p.

YouTube users who have used this YouTube video download method should not use the video carelessly or re-upload it to the YouTube application without including the source. Should have used the video for personal consumption only.