Fastest and Lightweight Linux Distro For Old Computer

Looking for Fastest and Lightweight Linux Distro For Old Computer ?

Linux is one operating system that is quite well known, linux is included in debian. Linux is a computer operating system based on open source, where we don’t have to pay or buy the license code, because the linux operating system is free.

For the open source linux operating system is quite good. Linux is very light and fast to use.

Even though linux is fairly fast, there are several fastest linux distributions, this linux distro is specially made so that it can run faster than other linuxes.

This type of Linux distro is very suitable for use by computers with poor or mediocre specs, for example computers that still use Intel Atom processors and other old types of processors.

Unlike the Windows operating system that uses high computer specifications so that it can run smoothly when used.

5 Fastest and Lightweight Linux Distribution With Pretty UI

By using a Linux distribution you don’t have to use a computer with high specifications. If you only have a low specification computer, you can try the following 5 Fastest and Lightweight Linux distributions for your computer to use.

1. Linux Lite

Linux Lite

Linux Lite is one of the lightest Linux distributions, made to support the transition of users who want to migrate from Windwos to a linux-based operating system. This OS is developed for free based on the Ubuntu LTS (Long Term Service) release series.

The major version of linux lite supports up to 5 years, during which time you will still get system updates. Therefore, we only need to install it once every five years.

Linux Lite has packaged a complete installation package, so you will immediately be able to use your computer for daily needs, when the first installation is complete. No need for additional drivers or other software, because basic functions are available such as office , email, browser , music and videos.

Linux Lite is beginner-friendly and lightweight, so there’s no word “slow” for your old laptop. Oh yes, we can run this OS without installation via live usb or virtualbox.

2. Lubuntu


Lubuntu is the lightest Linux distro in the form of a fast Ubuntu derivative operating system with a simple interface. Suitable for users who have low specification hardware.

Lubuntu uses LXDE as its desktop environment which is accompanied by various lightweight applications. The LXDE display is known for its low RAM usage and not very high CPU.

When the first installation is complete, you will immediately be able to use Lubuntu because you already have drivers, office software, multimedia and the internet available. In addition, the community is active on various platforms such as Facebook and Telegram.

So, when you have trouble, please ask on various forums for ubuntu or lubuntu in particular. Here’s how to install OS Lubuntu on a computer:

  • Download the Lubuntu installation master on the official site.
  • Prepare a flash disk with a capacity of at least 4 GB.
  • Make the Lubuntu USB bootable with the software you normally use.
  • Turn on your laptop then enter the bios, set the first boot on USB.
  • Insert the flash into the USB port on your laptop.
    Perform the installation process, follow the instructions listed at the time of installing the operating system.
  • Done, Lubuntu is ready to be used for everyday computing.

Lubuntu is increasingly popular used by many people in the world, this departs from the big name Ubuntu as its main foundation.



LXLE is one of the lightest Linux distributions based on Lubuntu and is specially designed to work well on even old computers. Do you know what is the definition of light in OS?

Minimal and light are often associated with older computers, but they are not. A lightweight operating system capable of functioning properly on any hardware specification. Also, large or small ISO file sizes have nothing to do with a lightweight OS.

Well, lightness simply refers to the amount of resources required for the system to operate. LXLE doesn’t strive to be a minimal linux distro, lightweight is its main goal.

Here are some of the philosophy of LXLE:

  • The latest version is only released based on the Ubuntu LTS foundation to ensure better support for hardware and software.
  • The main base is derived from Lubuntu to ensure that it is able to operate smoothly on low hardware.
    Desktop Environment and Software are updated regularly to the latest stable version.
  • Aims to be a replacement OS for Windows XP, Vista, 7 Starter and Basic.
  • Provides a set of standard software that can be used immediately when the first installation is complete.
  • There are additional features available for adjusting computer performance.
  • Developing a modern, beautiful appearance and can be worn by anyone.
  • LXLE saves a lot of system resources, so that it can be used smoothly for a variety of feature-rich software.

The LXLE linux distro seems less popular, most users use Ubuntu and its derivatives and Linux Mint. However, there is no harm in trying live USB, because the LXLE is reliable for daily computing use.

4. Zorin OS Lite

Zorin OS Lite

Zorin OS Lite is one of the lightest Linux distributions, which may be familiar to your ears. This lite version is specially designed so that it can work properly even though your computer was produced 15 years ago.

Zorin OS Lite can operate properly on the following minimum hardware specifications:

  • 700 MHz Single Core 32 bit and 64 bit CPU
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Storage Media 8 GB Hard Drive or Solid State Drive (SSD)
  • Display 640 x 480 resolution

The desktop display uses XFCE which looks beautiful and attractive while still consuming low resource usage. Zorin OS Lite was developed for users who were previously familiar with Windows 7, where the interface is almost entirely similar.

This Linux distro supports Flatpak and Snap which will make it easier for you to install any application via the Software Center. Similar to the play store on Android, just find the software you want, then install it.



The lightest Linux distro that is capable of everyday operation and is beginner friendly is becoming more and more popular these days. Given the development of operating systems in general, increasingly requires a lot of resources, so that old computing devices will feel heavy on the latest OS.

Departing from this, users do not need to purchase a new computer because functionally the old laptop is still working properly. Therefore, the lightest and fastest linux distro deserves to be an alternative choice for us.

Matob recommends some lightweight Linux distributions such as Linux Lite, Lubuntu, LXLE and Zorin OS Lite. Which one do you choose?

Thus the discussion about the 4 lightest and fastest Linux distributions for the 2021 edition . Hopefully it can be a reference and useful for those of you who want to experience the speed of everyday computing.