FIFA 2021 Players Can Set Micro Transaction Limits

Developers have relied on in-game microtransactions to help them generate more income. In recent years, the model has come under fire.

Some people feel this is a bad model because it encourages unnecessary or even impulsive spending. This model is something EA hopes to address in the latest FIFA 2021 update.

According to the latest patch notes for the FIFA 2021 game, EA said they will introduce a new tool called FIFA Playtime. The new tool allows players to have greater control and visibility into how they play.

“FIFA Playtime is a series of new tools that allow players to have greater control and visibility over the way they play, and can be accessed through the main menu, FUT, and VOLTA FOOTBALL,” said EA as quoted by Ubergizmo, Saturday (14/11/2020) .

However, Eurogamer further noted, FIFA Playtime will also allow parents to control various aspects of the game if their children are playing. For example, how much time they spend on playing, social communication, and also how much spending is allowed.

This means that parents can set limits on how much their children spend on microtransactions, ensuring they never spend more than you allow, which will also reduce the shocks of credit card bills at the end of the month. If you interested playoing PUBG or any android game on computer, maybe you need to read this article best android emulator for pc.

Basically, FIFA Playtime is quite interesting and it’s likely this is a system more developers should add to their games. Of course, this won’t really work if you set your own limits because it would be very easy to increase them yourself.

Image credit : EA