How To Change Gmail Password To Protect Your Account From Being Hacked

Google Mail or Gmail is commonly used to create social media accounts or other applications.

How to create an account at this time is also quite easy, only requires personal data in the form of name to place of birth date.

Do not forget also for the password that is only known by one person who created the account so that access is safe.

However, as technology becomes more sophisticated, accounts are easy to hack, so we need to create secure passwords .

If you have already created a password which is a personal name and number, you need to change it.

There is a way to change gmail password which can be done directly on smartphones and desktops.

Change Gmail Password on Smartphone

This method can be done in the Google Discover and Gmail applications directly.

If on Gmail , you can immediately click settings and choose your Gmail account or the one you want to change the password for .

After that, select the Manage Google Account menu and you will be redirected to the home menu.

Swipe to view the Security menu and scroll down to the Password menu under Signing in to Google.

You need to verify yourself first before changing the password .

How to verify it is only by logging in with the old password .

After the new verification, you can change the Gmail password .

Change Gmail Password on Desktop

Changing the password on the desktop is more or less the same as on a smartphone.

Open the Gmail website on your laptop or computer browser and click on the Gmail account profile located in the top right corner.

Just click the circle icon with your first letter in capital letters and click Manage Google Account.

And do it the same way on a smartphone.

Good luck