Intel Announces Intel Open FPGA Stack that Can Make Developers Easy

Intel recently announced Intel OFS (Intel Open FPGA Stack) which is intended to make it easier for hardware, software and application developers in the world to develop various platforms and solutions FPGAa custom (field-programmable gate array) ; platforms and solutions that accelerate a workload.Intel mention IntelOFS is a hardware and software infrastructure that is source-accessible and scalable , and is delivered via the git repository. WithIntel OFS, Intelamong others, it offers modular and composable code that developers can use to develop their platform and custom solutions , without having to code from scratch.

“FPGAhas enabled and continues to enable developers to deliver customized hardware with optimal power, performance, and TCO ( total cost of ownership ) for a wide range of workloads from edge to cloud . With the proven success of our early-access customers , we are excited to launch Intel Open FPGA Stack, which demonstrates its ability to dramatically both reduce development time and also increase code reuse and hardware design for consumers and partners who plan to accelerate their various workloads, “said Dave Moore (Intel Corporate Vice President and General Manager of the Programmable Solutions Group).

According to Intel, the challenge of developing a new platform using FPGAto accelerate a workload centered on how much was developed from the start and how much was reused or reused or licensed. Intel OFS can certainly help in this regard because, among other things, it can increase code reuse and hardware design. Intel also confirmed that Intel OFS offers customization, easy portability between platforms Intel FPGA, and native support on a large variety of Linux distributions.

Intel claim, with IntelOFS, ODM ( original design manufacturer ) can immediately start the development of their hardware that takes advantage ofFPGAbecause it uses a common infrastructure with a standard interface. Other than that,Intel also claims application developers can get more benefit from the development they do because it is easy to move between platforms Intel OFS with one another.