What is the function of the CPU on Computers and Laptops?

cpu function

In the following article, we will explain about what the CPU functions on computers and laptops in full so it is hoped that it will provide a deep understanding for you. CPU function The central processing unit (CPU) is the unit that does most of the processing on the computer. To control instructions and data flow to and from other parts of the computer, the CPU relies heavily on the chipset, which is a group of microchips located on the motherboard. The CPU has two components: Control Unit: extract instructions from memory and translate and execute them Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU): handles … Read more

What Is Cache Memory? Here is the explanation

cache memory

What is cache memory? People who interact with the internet every day, the term cache is of course no longer a foreign term. For example, when the performance of the web being accessed decreases, usually many recommend clearing the cache as the first aid for this condition. Even though we are familiar with it every day to use it, many of us only know but don’t know and understand many things around us as well as cache. I have previously written about cache, but I am not satisfied because there are some that we have not discussed. Therefore, in this article I will … Read more

Intel Announces Intel Open FPGA Stack that Can Make Developers Easy

Intel Announces Intel Open FPGA Stack that Can Make Developers Easy

Intel recently announced Intel OFS (Intel Open FPGA Stack) which is intended to make it easier for hardware, software and application developers in the world to develop various platforms and solutions FPGAa custom (field-programmable gate array) ; platforms and solutions that accelerate a workload.Intel mention IntelOFS is a hardware and software infrastructure that is source-accessible and scalable , and is delivered via the git repository. WithIntel OFS, Intelamong others, it offers modular and composable code that developers can use to develop their platform and custom solutions , without having to code from scratch. “FPGAhas enabled and continues to enable developers … Read more