Linux creators are attracted to Apple M1 processor, but …

Linux kernel creator Linus Torvalds admits he is interested in the new chip Apple uses in its new Mac lineup, the Apple M1 .

“I really want to have it (Mac with M1), if only this device can run Linux .. I have memories with the MacBook Air 11 that I used about a decade ago,” said Torvalds when answering questions on the Real World Tech forum.

However, he admitted that he finally stopped using the MacBook Air 11 because Apple had not fixed the screen on the laptop. And when Apple finally got the screen fixed, it was already using another, better laptop.

In the forum, Torvalds also mentioned that Apple runs its servers and cloud services on a Linux basis. But unfortunately the computers they built couldn’t even run Linux properly.

Even so, he still admits that he really wants a Linux-based laptop that uses an ARM chip, just like the Apple M1 . However, he admitted that he did not want to bother to crack the Mac with the M1 so that it could run Linux.

“I’ve been waiting for a laptop with an ARM chip that can run Linux for a long time. The new MacBook Air should be the perfect product, except for the operating system it uses. And I don’t have time to tweak it, or fight companies that don’t want to help,” he added.

If the MacBook supported Linux, it might be a very attractive choice for programmers. But it seems the engineers at Cupertino – Apple headquarters – will not provide that option in the near future.