Linux creators are attracted to Apple M1 processor, but …

linus torvalds

Linux kernel creator Linus Torvalds admits he is interested in the new chip Apple uses in its new Mac lineup, the Apple M1 . “I really want to have it (Mac with M1), if only this device can run Linux .. I have memories with the MacBook Air 11 that I used about a decade ago,” said Torvalds when answering questions on the Real World Tech forum. However, he admitted that he finally stopped using the MacBook Air 11 because Apple had not fixed the screen on the laptop. And when Apple finally got the screen fixed, it was already … Read more

Chrome Available for Apple Chipset M1

google chrome

Google has announced that the Chrome version is optimized for M1, and is now available for download. This means that this version was created with the M1 chipset in mind and is expected to take advantage of the chipset’s features. Ubergizmo reported, this is actually not a long-term solution, but has been designed to help the transition process. That said, the company is relying heavily on developers to start developing applications that are native and optimized for the M1 Chipset. That way, Apple really seems to want to provide the best service for its users. Previously, Microsoft also stated that … Read more

5 Things Apple Didn’t Explain About Apple M1 Technology

5 Things Apple Didn't Explain About Apple M1 Technology

Apple has introduced the Apple M1 as a homemade chip to replace the Intel CPU in Mac computers. From the explanation at the Apple Event , there were a number of things that Apple didn’t convey about the Apple M1 chip . In this article the MakeMac team will summarize various things about the Apple M1 that were not explained at the Apple Event . Come see it directly! 5 Things Apple Didn’t Explain About the Apple M1 1. Does it have eGPU Support? For those of you who don’t know, since a few years ago the eGPU technology has … Read more

Apple M1 GPU is faster than GTX 1050 Ti

Apple M1 GPU is faster than GTX 1050 Ti

After the results of the Apple M1 CPU benchmark were outstanding, now it is the turn of the Apple M1 GPU benchmark to spread. How are the synthetic test results? The appearance of the Apple M1 GPU benchmark results appeared on the GFXBench 5.0 page, where the Apple M1 GPU successfully ‘destroyed’ two discrete graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD, namely the GeForce GTX 1050 Ti and Radeon RX 560. Previously, the performance of the Apple M1 GPU was still questionable. Although the CPU benchmark score is amazing, the GPU capability is unknown, as quoted from Toms Hardware, Monday (11/15/2020). … Read more

Get to know Apple M1, Intel’s replacement ARM chip in the latest MacBook

Get to know Apple M1, Intel's replacement ARM chip in the latest MacBook

The arrival of the latest MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac Mini variants on Wednesday, marks a new milestone for Apple. For the first time, the three computers used Apple’s own chip, the M1, instead of the Intel Core series processors like previous generations. The transition finally happened after years of rumors. Apple took a similar step in 2006 when it switched from PowerPC to Intel. Fourteen years later, this time it was Intel’s turn to be left behind. Rather than a “processor” or “CPU” like an Intel processor, Apple M1 is more accurately described as a System-on-Chip (SoC) like … Read more